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2000-08-27 00:00:00 - showtime & outer limits - (spoiled-rotten@theoffice.com)

Ya know, I COULD be wrong, but, even though the show IS officially cancelled from showtime, just a matter of airing the last and final episode they produced, but, I'd sware there was a hint a few months back, of evidence of the show being terminated by simply noticing the virtual seemingly complete absence of the shows presence being mentioned on showtime's own webpage! I'm pretty sure before like 'decompression' aired, the website was redesigned, so that instead of having a "scifi" link to click on, "Star Gate SG-1" was immediately mentioned when the site loaded up in fact! I pretty much had to use their 'search' option just to find OL at all. I guess my point here , is that it seems like OL was actually poorly advertised especially when SG-1 came in the picture. However, since I didnt quite discover OL was being made by showtime (and not from a syndicated affiliate on some other station - that was actually airing what would be repeats :), the very first time watching it, I cant really say that it was from day 1, but it just seems that quite a ways before the cancellation was made public, that showtime was already hinting of the shows possible demise by merely viewing the webpage itself. anyway, just kinda thought about that. I personally think their crazy for pullin' the plug. But, I guess despite the fact that everyone that activily reads this usenet group, and possibly hundreds or thousands (or possibly more :) people, that probably subscribed to showtime (hypothetically?) JUST to catch this show (including myself too of course) , the ratings were not satisfactory to showtime exec's to keep it running (I, myself, was rather under the impression networks like showtime, max, hbo or tmc among other premium channels out there, did not necessarily have to fret over a system like ratings, since they have $10/20 * from potentially thousands (if not more) people subscribing, which sounds like it would provide them with a good sum of $$ for keeping all shows goin' and everyone happy). But then again, assuming it wasnt ratings (or possibly even money/funding), wonder what else could been the problem then... probably somethin' that would not be brought to light for some reason. Just kind of puzzling why they'd pick on OL Oh well, I guess it'll be cool anyway, now that scifi channels trying to obtain rights to produce 22 more episodes, I sure hope that goes through ...I do hope the show can continue to remain as daring with subject matter (not just nudity and/or sexuality) also, as I believe it was while airing on showtime, and not have lots of limitations that would probably normally be, with channels like I'm pretty sure scifi would be forced to comply by (though, we would have one irritation - commercials ..something that doesnt happen on showtime).