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1998-11-29 00:00:00 - after "Josh"? - (Oby Jaun <notyet@available.com>)

I was just wondering, at "www.theouterlimits.com", in the "episode guide" part, it seems (taking it from the top of the list) that after episode "Josh", theres a repeat the following week. But ...the season practically just started....YET, if I go down further, after the (two) episode(s) that are actually repeats, theres new episodes listed. Is this saying that after ep. "Josh", theres actually going to be two repeats, and then continue with brand new ep's? I dont get that....unless I'm reading it wrong? Btw, I dont really have showtime, but the channel listings on that page seem to be consistant with the episodes I've been watching on Channel 5 saturdays at around 10-10:30pm (it varies if like some sport comes on) thanks.....just wondered! Btw, "Josh" looks like its going to be very exciting (personally) episode..