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2005-02-20 02:54:09+01:00 - hi everybody - (Ricky <ready4spl@hotmail.com>)

I screach the dvd of the other limits, can you help me?

2005-02-23 03:52:20+00:00 - Re: hi everybody - ("W. Blaine Dowler" <fiziko@NOSPAMbureau42.com>)

Ricky wrote: > I screach the dvd of the other limits, can you help me? I am only aware of region 1 releases, so that's all I can help you with. The original series has been released in its entirety in two full season sets, available from both amazon.com and amazon.ca. The new series has had a variety of releases. In the US, there have only been two thus far (a "sex and science fiction" themed release, and a "time travel and infinity" themed release, both available from both amazon sites), although four more themed DVDs and a boxed set with all six themed DVDs will be out this June. In Canada, we have had two more releases thus far, both available from Amazon.ca, but not Amazon.com. The first is a "best of" release, collecting 20 episodes from the first two seasons. The second is a set of the complete third season. The marketing manager in charge of "The Outer Limits" with Koch Canada told me (via e-mail in January) that they are currently working on a season four collection, which will most likely be followed by a "best of the rest" collection completing the release of the first two seasons. -- - Blaine http://www.bureau42.com Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it. - Niels Henrik David Bohr (1885-1962) Danish physicist.