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2004-04-08 00:37:56+00:00 - Banned pictures QUICK Survivor {see.jpg) 6807 [1/2] - (xegzyy@off.com)

Ever Wondered What Happens When the Cameras are not On During Survivor or Temptations Island ? Curious About What Happens Behind Closeed Doors On Big Brother or American Idol? You Know Crazy, Wild and even Obscene things Happen! The Networks Dont Want you to See This!!!! BUT WE SHOW IT TO YOU!!! http://tinyurl.com/2xcy2 BECAUSE THE CAMERA WERE ROLLING the Shots just got BANNED or CENCORED but we Have the SECRETS from REALITY TV This is for real You Know You Want to See It! More Erotic Than Temptation Island Beyong BigBrother Sexior than Survivor Better than the Bachelor Raunchier than The Amazing Race Nasty Obscene, erotic, dirty, insestuous, gross, indecent, sleezy, impure, wild, erotic, pornographic, smutty, risque, sensual, sexy......... YOU NAME IT - THEY DID IT ADD WE HAVE THE PROOF The Contestants Did it all and the NetWorks Couldnt Show it, it was Banned, Cencored there Secret Now we show you what they were doing!!!! Fetishes, Lingere, Lesbianism, Bi Sexual Experiments, Foot Fetishes, FORCED SEX, Cross Dressing, Swinging, jacuzzi group sex, threesomes, hi heels, rubber, Whatever turns you on - they did it while they thought no one was watching. The Real Private Secrets from, Survivor, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Temptation Island, Mole, Joe Millionare Contestants caught naked, stripping, playing, sucking, fucking Did you know some contestants were lesbians some were sluts, On one show a chick gave everyone a blowjob including the camera MEN!!!! Behind Closed doors, in changing rooms, dressing rooms, in the bushes, private sets, closets, showers, lakes, all sorts of places they thought the cameras were not around, BUT THEY WERE and WE GOT THE SHOTS!!!!! All the things that got Cut out, the camera men saved them after the Network cut them and banned them. You Wont See this ON Jerry Springer!!!!!!!! You Think Girls Gone Wild was HOT This is like The Sexual Olympics, but only for Real The Cameras Caught them - The Networks CUt them WE HAVE THEM Quick Before they get Cencored or Banned Here!!! OutFuck - OutSuck Who Will be the Last One Hard mm lnvqjlnicyugofreiujtbmhoxbbbnndustzhzysoytjlcibru