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1997-12-13 00:00:00 - ON OUTER LIMITS: 12/14 - 12/21 - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

THE OUTER LIMITS, on Showtime cable, each Sunday night. Times vary lately. Sun. (12/14) @ 11:15pm "Blood Brothers" Two brothers - one a scientist, the other a businessman - employed at a pharmaceu- tical company discover a "miracle" vaccine. A battle of wills ensues when they disagree on the going rate for miracles these days. Co-stars Martin Kemp, who, if I'm not mistaken, was once in the 80s band Spandau Ballet ("True" & "Gold" the two big hits on US shores.) Or was that his twin brother? THE OUTER LIMITS, syndicated series, check local listings for day & time. For the week of Dec. 15 thru 21 ..... "Feasibility Study" Update of original OL ep, re-written by Joseph Stefano from his original script. A big chunk of a city neighborhood is transported to another world as part of a, well, feasibility study. (Duh.) The aliens in charge are looking for the perfect race of slave laborers, and the earthlings soon learn they aren't the first to be tested - and, if the rest of Earth is to be saved, the test must fail. Still one of the best OL, old or new, eps ever. It begs the question - why isn't Stefano writing some new scripts, for the upcoming season? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------