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2001-06-22 06:37:31-05:00 - FANFIC Agent of the tribunal #2 Jilted. - ("joshf@efn.org" <theimortal1@qwest.com>)

Agent of the tribunal #2 Jilted. The sentences in all caps are Nicholas's thoughts on what will happen and what did happen. Nicholas Prentice and the tribunal are property of whoever does the outer limits series. 1985. A wedding is going in a beautiful chapel in a small town. Both sides of the church are filled with guests and flowers are everywhere. The priest is decked out in fancy church robes holding the bible. The bride is in a beautiful white gown. But something is missing. The groom is not there and the bride is tapping her foot impatiently with a scowl on her face. The priest says something quietly to the bride. "No. I know he is coming. And when he does I am going to kick his butt for being late." The bride looks angry Finally after another half an hour, guests start murmuring and getting up to leave. "No! Damn it. You are all going to stay here and watch David and me get married. He is coming. I know it." The guests all shrug and walk out. Among the remaining guests is the familiar derby wearing man. He shakes his head and walks out. He steps around the side and when he sees nobody watching he flips open his watch and disappears. "My name is Nicholas Prentice. My life was normal until one day someone appeared out of nowhere and took me to the future. There I met a group of people named the tribunal. They got me to be one of their agents. Ever since then I have helped people change their past. From tragedy's to mistakes. I am the agent of the tribunal." LOVE MAKES US DO FUNNY THINGS. ESPECIALLY WHEN WE FEAR WHAT LOVE WILL DO. "Jilted" 2000. A woman comes storming out of an apartment, angry. "Wait honey. I swear that I can get a job. Please be patient." "I have been patient for months now. Call me when you have gotten your life straightened up again." The man steps outside and it's David. Or at least David in the present. "Fine go. You expected too much money anyway." But when he steps back inside the bravado disappears and he starts crying. Outside Nicholas is watching the whole thing. He opens up his data device and looks at the bio of his subject. He shakes his head when he sees how much this guy's life slid down the hole after he jilted his fianc��� 15 years ago. He started to drink; he would go from woman to woman. The one Nicholas just saw throw him out is his 10th in 15 years. "David my boy. You may not know this yet, but you need my help bad." Nicholas walks towards the door but is knocked back by a woman that is rushing there also. She hurriedly knocks on the door and David answers. His face brightens up when he sees her. "Hey baby. Where you been?" She answers by putting her arms around him and kissing him passionately. And he doesn't exactly just take it sitting down either. Nicholas raises his eyebrows at the thought that this guy is obviously not a single woman-kind of guy. David looks around. "I can't really see you right now. I just got thrown out of my house by uh my mom." "You don't have to lie. I know you are living with another woman. I don't care." The woman growls. "I like a man that can't stick to one woman." Nicholas rolls his eyes up into his socket. "This woman is bad news." "Well this one doesn't know that so..." The woman gets a mad look on her face. "Fine be that way. But I'm leaving." The woman leaves in a huff. Nicholas takes this opportunity to approach David. "David my boy. Have I got the woman for you." "Who the hell are you?" "The name's Nick." "I don't need another woman right now." "Oh don't say that until you've seen her." David throws his hands up. "Fine. If it will mean you will leave me alone." Nicholas smiles and takes David. First he looks up a certain address in his files. When David sees the destination, his face takes on a hostile look. "What the hell? This is my ex fiancee's house." David spins around and puts his fists up. "Who sent you? Mary? Tell her that I don't want anything to do with that bitch." "Trust me. You need her and she needs you." Nicholas takes out a device and activates it. A holographic image appears in thin air. David nearly jumps out of his skin. "What the hell?" On the image is a picture of a pretty woman that is all disheveled. She picks up a bottle of hard liquor and takes a swig at it. "That's..that's Lisa." Lisa gets real angry and throws the bottle against the wall. "What is this? How can you show her to me like this?" "You must see her like this. To show you how much damage you did to yourself and her by jilting her 15 years ago." David gets madder. "Hey buddy. Butt the hell out of my business. I had my reasons for doing that." "I bet you did. But those reasons ruined your life. I am here to help you change your past so your life won't be ruined. You two are meant to be together." "Okay now I know you are nuts. Get the hell away from me." David shoves Nicholas aside. "If there's a chance, there must be a part of you that wishes you had not made the decision that you did." David stops. "So maybe I do wish I had made another decision. But do you expect me to believe that you can send me back in time?" "Let me show you." David sighs. "Okay I don't have anything better to do." Nicholas stands near David and opens his pocket watch. The two disappear. They reappear at the same spot. "Nice special effects. So now I'm in the past huh?" David says sarcastically. The front door opens up and a familiar woman comes out. "Lisa!" Nicholas pulls him into the alley. "Hey what's up?" "You can't let her see your future self. We must find your past self and convince him to go to the wedding." David looks at his watch. "It's in 5 hours. She probably went to get her bridal gown." David thinks. "Okay I am going to assume you really did take me back in time. I'm trying to think where I was at this time." David snaps his fingers. "Of course. I'm at the point where my doubt came into play. At the tuxedo shop." David guides Nicholas along to the shop. They look in the window and see his younger self being fitted. "On the way out I get a glimpse of myself in the window and something tells me that what I'm doing is wrong." Young David turns toward the window and the two time travelers duck out of sight. Young David pays the fitter the money and starts heading out the door. He stops in front of the window and stands there for a bit. After a few seconds, something on his face changes. He looks down at his tuxedo and gasps. He rushes out of the store. "I'm headed for the bar." The two take off after him but stay far enough away so he doesn't see them. When David finally reaches the bar the older David comes up with a plan. "I think it's time to take a page from your book of plans." David smiles at Nicholas. David hits his younger self in the head hard and knocks him out. "David what are you doing?" Nicholas asks worried. "Just showing him the right woman for him." David smiles. "Be careful. You could have given him a concussion and changed history for the worse." "Hey I'm still here aren't I? Then everything's fine." David drags his younger self into the alley. After a few minutes his younger self starts to awaken. "What happened?" Younger David yelps when he sees his younger self. "Who the hell are you?" "I'm your older self. I've come to keep you from making a big mistake." "I must have had too much to drink. But I don't remember making it to the bar." Young David squirms. "Listen to me. I am you from the future. Your life will be ruined if you jilt Lisa." "Who said anything about jilting her? I was just going to get a drink to calm my nerves." David feels the world spinning around him. "But that can't be. I remember having doubts." "I did have doubts. But there's no way that I'm jilting her." "Then how?" Suddenly a huge blow to the head knocks them both out. "David!" Nicholas yells. Nicholas watches as a mean looking guy picks through the pockets of the two Davids. "But if he wasn't planning on jilting her..." Nicholas looks confused. Nicholas takes out a device and scans the two Davids. "Readings show that they won't awaken for 6 hours. NO!" When the mean guy finally leaves with the wallets Nicholas makes himself visible again. "Come on you have to wake up!" Nicholas tries slapping and hitting the younger David but it doesn't do any good. "Damn!" Nicholas takes out a miniature med kit and opens it up. He puts something in a syringe and injects the young David with it. The younger David wakes up and yelps when he sees Nicholas. "What happened? Why did you knock me out?" David looks around and yelps again when he sees the guy claiming to be his older self. Then he looks at the watch. "Oh god I have to get to the wedding." He takes off. "So that's why he missed the wedding." Meanwhile the tough guy rushes into another alley and meets with another guy. "Did you deal with him?" The other guy smirks. "Yeah. Wasn't where you said he would be but found him in an alley. You got the money?" "Sure. No amount is too much to make sure that guy doesn't marry my Lisa." The other man hands over a bunch of bills to the mean looking man. "Pleasure doing business with you." The mean man walks away smiling and counting his money. "Now Lisa is mine." The man does a double take when he sees David walking around. "What the hell? That man double-crossed me." He rushes up to David. "Where are you going?" David turns around. "I'm headed to the chapel. It's almost time for me and Lisa to get married." The man frowns and pulls a gun out. "Look asshole. Lisa is mine and mine alone." "Are you crazy Mike?" "Nobody gets her but me." Meanwhile Nicholas has revived the older David. Suddenly he starts to fade away. "What the hell is going on?" "History has changed. Your younger self is about to die!" Nicholas and David rush out and witness the stand down. When David sees the gun he gets angry. David rushes Mike. He tackles him and they fight. The gun flies away and lands near the younger version. He picks the gun up. When the older David finally knocks out Mike, he stands up and faces his younger self. "I don't know who the hell you are but stay away from me." Younger David points the gun at his older self. "Hold it. Just go to the wedding and I will deal with this one." David doesn't put the gun down. "How do I know you weren't the one that knocked me out?" "I told you. I'm am your older self." "You expect me to believe that?" Older David shakes his head. "Your reacting the same way I did. Just get to that wedding please." David's hold on the gun wavers. "I didn't knock you out. The guy that did it is long gone. He knocked me out too." Something inside of young David changes and he lowers the gun. "I don't know why but I trust you. Just stay away from Lisa and me." David throws the gun into the bushes and takes off. Older David turns towards Nicholas expectantly. "You get married and are still married in your present." "Well will you take me back now so I can relish in married life?" Nicholas smiles and stands next to David. He opens the watch and they disappear into time. Meanwhile at the church the wedding goes on. "Do you David Donalee take Lisa Bolero to be your lawfully wedded wife?" David turns towards Lisa. "I do." "Do you Lisa Bolero take David Donalee to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do." "Then in the power invested in me in the state of Michigan, I now pronounce you husband and wife." David and Lisa turn and kiss passionately. LOVE CAN MAKE YOU DO CRAZY THINGS, INCLUDING BREAKING THE LAW FOR IT. WHEN DOES DOING ANYTHING FOR LOVE BECOME OBSESSION? The end. Next time an ex soldier kills someone in the heat of the moment. Can he stop himself or get killed in the process?