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1999-05-02 00:00:00 - The 5th Season - (jstrongbow@aol.com)

At first I thought the 5th season was a dud, but The Shroud and Human Operators are two of the best episodes. I also disagree with the person who tore into "What will the Neighbors Think" I thought it was much better than Becka Paulson, and was highly comedic, although the ending was pretty predictable. I would give it 3 stars for creativity. It was a pretty good episode! Blank Slate was good too, but in my opinion would have been much better without the horror ending. The twist where he had a duplicate made of his memories was not credible. In fact the whole premise was pretty lame, but it would have made a nice romantic episode. It reminded me of that really bad episode with Luke Skywalker from the second season, where at the last minute he kills the real person instead of the computer one. That episode could have had a different ending, and been way more satisfying. Merely having a horrific twist at the end just to sting you seems to me to be a waste of time. The Grell was okay, but also predictable. The Other Side was better. Joy Ride could have been thought out better, and it would have made more sense. It was unclear, but still interesting. The First episode in the 5th Season really sucked, the radio guy one. That was just bad writing. You couldn't really like the lead character and when he finally comes to a bad ending, you just feel "Good riddance!" But The Shroud, I thought, really kicked butt. I would imagine an episode like that really caused a stir from the get-go and was highly controversial. I say "Kudos" to all those involved! A Marvelous episode! Maybe there's hope for this series after all!