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2001-08-29 18:14:51-07:00 - One Hundred Favorite Television Series - (TODD TAMANEND CLARK <tamanend@charterpa.net>)

TODD TAMANEND CLARK'S LIST OF HIS ONE HUNDRED FAVORITE TELEVISION SERIES (August 29, 2001 Version; Unranked; Alphabetical) American Bandstand (ABC, 1957) Amerika (???, 1987) Batman (ABC, 1966) Batman Beyond [Animated] (WB, 1999) Batman: The Animated Series [Animated] (Fox, 1992) Born To The Wind (???, 1982) Brave Eagle (???, 1955) BraveStarr [Animated] (Synd, 1987) Broken Arrow (???, 1956) Captain Planet And The Planeteers [Animated] (TBS, 1990) Chiller Theatre (WIIC, 1963) Come Alive (WIIC, 1967) Commando Cody (NBC, 1955) Coronet Blue (CBS, 1967) Courageous Cat And Minute Mouse [Animated] (Synd, 1960) Crime Story (NBC, 1986) Daniel Boone (NBC, 1964) Dark Skies (NBC, 1996) Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman (CBS, 1993) Duckman [Animated] (USA, 1994) Five Hundred Nations (CBS, 1995) Fridays (ABC, 1980) Generations (NBC, 1989) Happy Days (ABC, 1974) Have Gun Will Travel (CBS, 1957) Hawk (???, 1966) Hawkeye (Synd, 1994) How The West Was Lost (DSC, 199?) Howard Stern (E, 1994) Hullabaloo (???, 1965) I Spy (NBC, 1965) Iron Man [Animated] (Synd, 1966) Iron Man {Animated] (???, 1994) It's Happening (ABC, 1968) Land Of The Eagle (PBS, 1991) Mann And Machine (NBC, 1992) Mary Hartman Mary Hartman (Synd, 1976) Maude (CBS, 1972) Miami Vice (NBC, 1984) My Living Doll (CBS, 1964) Nakia (???, 1974) Nash Bridges (CBS, 1996) Night Music (???, 19??) Normal Life (???, 1990) Northern Exposure (CBS, 1990) Northwest Passage (???, 1958) One Hundred Twenty Minutes (MTV, 1986) One Life To Live (ABC, 1968) Paradise (CBS, 1988) Perry Mason (CBS, 1957) Playboy After Dark (Synd, 1969) Politically Incorrect (CC/ABC, 1994) Renegade (Synd, 1992) Roanoak (PBS, 1986) Rocky And Bullwinkle [Animated] (Various, 1959) Route 66 (CBS, 1960) Saint Elsewhere (NBC, 1982) Saturday Night Live (NBC, 1975) Science Fiction Theatre (Synd, 1955) Shindig (???, 1964) Spirits Of The Jaguar (PBS, 199?) Star Trek (NBC, 1966) Swamp Thing (USA, 1990) Tales From The Crypt (HBO, 1989) The Addams Family (NBC, 1964) The American Experience (PBS. 19??) The Amp (MTV, 199?) The Days And Nights Of Molly Dodd (NBC, 1987) The Dick Cavett Show (ABC, 1969) The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS, 1955) The Fantastic Four [Animated] (???, 1967) The Flash (CBS, 1990) The Girl From UNCLE (NBC, 1966) The Johnny Cash Show (???, 1969) The Jonathan Winters Show (???, 1967) The Last Of The Mohicans (PBS, 198) The Lone Gunmen (Fox, 2001) The Lone Ranger (ABC, 1949) The Lone Ranger [Animated] (CBS, 1966) The Many Loves Of Dobie Gillis (CBS, 1959) The Mod Squad (ABC, 1968) The Monkees (NBC, 1966) The Mysterious Cities Of Gold [Animated] (Synd, 1983) The Native Americans (TBS, 1994) The Outer Limits (ABC, 1963) The Phil Donahue Show (Synd, 1969) The Simpsons [Animated] (Fox, 1989) The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (CBS, 1967) The Tomorrow Show (NBC, 1973) The Twilight Zone (CBS, 1959) The West (PBS, 1996) The X-Files (Fox, 1993) Then Came Bronson (NBC: 1969) Twin Peaks (ABC, 1990) Where The Action Is (ABC, 1965) Wild America (PBS, 19??) Wild Palms (???, 1993) Witchblade (TNT, 2001) Yancy Derringer (CBS, 1958) Zorro (ABC, 1957) [This list is dedicated to the memory of Marshall McLuhan.) [Help filling in any of the missing network data and/or original premiere date data is greatly appreciated.] TODD TAMANEND CLARK Author/Composer/Producer/Cultural Historian Primal Pulse (Label/Publisher/Studio) Greene County, Pennsylvania -- Now Available: A Tail You'll Never Forget (CD: Various Artists) Owls In Obsidian (CD: Instrumental) Nova Psychedelia (CD: Vocal) Flame Over Philadelphia (Vinyl Single: Vocal) Into The Vision (Vinyl Album: Vocal) Secret Sinema (Vinyl Single: Vocal) We're Not Safe (Vinyl Album: Vocal) New Gods (Vinyl Album: Vocal) A Deathguard Sampler (Tape: Vocal & Instrumental) Coming Attractions: Dark Thunder (Book: Poetry) Staff, Mask, Rattle (CD: Instrumental) Monongahela Riverrun (CD: Instrumental) Dancing Through The Side Worlds (CD: Vocal) -- "I am the best you can get. Have you guessed me yet ? I am the slime oozin' out from your TV set." - - Frank Zappa

2001-08-31 18:44:06+00:00 - Re: One Hundred Favorite Television Series - (IceBlast� <ice.blast@gte.netDELETETHIS>)

What, no The Wonder Years, Saved By The Bell, Boy Meets World?

2001-08-31 22:23:48+02:00 - Re: One Hundred Favorite Television Series - (george van hal <hal00055@wxs.nl>)

"IceBlast�" wrote: > What, no The Wonder Years, Saved By The Bell, Boy Meets World? Or, even more seriously, no "Buffy", "Angel", "Roswell", "Space: Above and Beyond", "Babylon 5" etc. etc. ;-) See Ya, George Who normally doesn't reply to these crossposts, but couldn't resist... :-)

2001-09-09 12:20:23-07:00 - Re: One Hundred Favorite Television Series - (saytansbaby@webtv.net)

U ASS WIPE........if u're gonna cross-post at least let us know where it's from. if you had just a minute to breathe......and they granted you one final wish......would you ask for something....like another chance? or something similar as this......don't worry to much...it'll happen to you...as sure as your sorrows are joys.......