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1997-11-22 00:00:00 - ON VIDEO: The Man With The Power - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

Release #2 The Outer Limits - THE MAN WITH THE POWER Produced by Joseph Stefano Written by Jerome Ross Directed by Laslo Benedek Director of Photography: Conrad Hall Guest cast: Donald Pleasance, Priscilla Morill, Edward C. Platt. Synopsis: A meek college professor invents a device that harnesses ambient cosmic energy into a discrete beam. All these years, this quiet fellow has been pushing his resentments and hostilities down into the pit of his stomach, and putting a smile on his face. Now, with this device implanted in his brain, a cloud of electrical energy has begun attacking the objects of his unconscious bitterness and pain. Which goes to show you - don't be sticking things in your brain! Endnotes: the ep. tagline- "Mankind's Ultimate Weapon: A Fully Loaded Mind" Originally episode four, it was the second release onto video. Running Time: 52 minutes cost: $9.95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will post additional overviews in the coming weeks. Feel free to comment, add interesting trivia/notes about each ep, etc. As TNT will not be airing the original Outer Limits until (at least) next summer, this will be one way to introduce newer viewers to the FIRST (and, IMHO, still the best) OL series, and hopefully keep this newsgroup a little more active in the interim. Comments appreciated.