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2000-11-02 01:51:13+00:00 - Difference between Orig OL, New OL, and TZ ? - (TRLazHadEnoughofSpam@yehaa.com)

If you had to sum up in a sentence or two, what is the creative writing and/or storyline difference between The Original Outer Limits The New Outer Limits The Twilight Zone

2000-11-03 01:35:10+00:00 - Re: Difference between Orig OL, New OL, and TZ ? - (stoodin101@aol.com)

>If you had to sum up in a sentence or two, >what is the creative writing and/or storyline >difference between >The Original Outer Limits Season one was cosmic horror with SF elements, ala Lovecraft. Best stories include "Dont Open Till Doomsday", "The Architects of Fear", and "Forms of Things Unknown." Season two was more technological, but similar. Alas, the writing went downhill with the departure of Leslie Stevens and Joseph Stefano, and very few of the second season eps are very good. Exceptions include "Wolf 359", "The Inheritors", and "Demon with a Glass Hand". Many would call "Demon" the best OL ever, but I must disagree. >The New Outer Limits All of the Gothic aspect of the original has been removed. If the original was doing fiction that could have been written by Lovecraft in the 20s and 30s, the new series is doing fiction that could have come out of the 50s-70s (and DID, in some cases). More technologically based, not as cosmic, very pessimistic. Just as good in its way as the original, but very different in feel. It produced both the worst and best stories to ever be broadcast under the OL banner: worst being Brad Wright's adaptation of Stephen King's "Revelations of Becka Paulson", best being Sam Egan's "Tribunal", which is also the best treatment of time travel in the history of SF TV. >The Twilight Zone the original is essentially supernatural morality plays, with the occasional SF effort. Very few of the eps impress me much. Outstanding, though, are "Eye of the Beholder", "Third from the Sun", "The Invaders" and "The Howling Man." The new series, though never able to establish a real identity, did produce the best thing ever done under the TZ name: "To See The Invisible Man," written by Steven Barnes from Robert Silverberg's short story. It could very easily have been done on the new Outer Limits, and Barnes has written some good work for nOL. "...things are not healthy in our criteria for nobility and decency. Things are not right in that area. To put it bluntly, it's an insane asylum." --- Dmitri Shostakovich New Cthulhu Mythos site: http://go.to/letters_from_outside