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2003-12-08 06:40:11+00:00 - Question about last season of Outer Limits! - (J J <cybergoods4u@yahoo.com>)

I was wondering something, I heard a while back, that the season of OL that was being produce, for one last season, by the SciFi channel, had premiered with another alteration to the opening sequence visuals. But since I didnt have cable at the time, I wasnt able to catch it. And I noticed, when the episodes finally aired in syndication, which is KPLR ("The WB") 11, in St. Louis Missouri for me, some of the big differences, in the open sequences visuals (of what the SciFi channel reportedly did) did not seem to be in any of the episodes of what I was able to see. It was the same opening sequence used for the final season from Showtime! I mean, as far as I know, there have only been a total of 2 changes to the opening title sequence of OL, which the second change I think happened sometime maybe between seasons 4 to 5 ... I'm not too sure. Anyway, I'm curious first off, why what ALL was changed about OL for SciFi wasnt shown for an affiliate broadcast, yet the change that Showtime did between seasons is? I'm also wondering how it MIGHT also be possible to get a chance to see the difference from both "showtime" opening sequences, and the "scifi"s version, and in case it isnt exactly that obvious what I'm asking here, is it possible to ..maybe post the opening sequence of the last season of OL produced by the scifi channel on the net here (doesnt necessarily have to be something of real high quality; i.e. visual resolution or audio quality need not to be the absolute best, as so to make the media file too overly large, consequently making uploading the file take longer and so on, I mean, if possible something about 320x200x8 -- or whatever -- hypothetically!)? I mean, I'm not saying an entire episode, just the opening sequence :) Anyway, I thought I'd ask .... Thanks! P.S.: If possible reply directly by E-mail.