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2002-01-26 02:39:37+00:00 - A thought about "Lithia" - (Jeff Daniels <jd35@no-spam.aol.com>)

In the episode, most of the male portion of the human race had been eraticated because of their aggressive nature, consequently, leaving only the female portion of the species on planet. However, we quickly discover, that not only is the female portion thats left, thriving, but, we see children, but, more specifically, I believe, female children, execusively too (its been a li'l while since seeing the episode, but, I'm almost sure of that anyway). If I'm right, was it the producers intent to make us believe, that even though they live in (iirc) run down looking shacks, no machanically-driven water system, nor did there appear to be electricity, but, their capable of creating children, as well as governing the gender (female) for which they will be? Also strange thing is, since its suppose to be women execlusively, so theres not suppose to be any more pig-headed, arrogant & aggressive-in-nature male's anymore, to make life hell, there sure seems to be an awful lot of the female portion left that act plenty like male's still ...an irony, right? ....or...was I missing something? I guess they were getting a sufficiant supply of "swimmers" from ...david keith's character?