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2000-12-14 21:41:06+00:00 - People's Pilot Update - ("TV Writer.Com" <lbrody@tvwriter.com>)

Entries for the first People's Pilot Competition are now in, and half of them have been read by members of the Brody Productions/Shapiro-Lichtman Agency staffs. So far, the quality of the entries is much better than expected. The ideas are good, and their expression is clear and concise. Genres include family drama, more sophisticated drama, science fiction, action, children's, and sitcoms ranging from wry to slapstick. Many people have inquired about the criteria being used for this competition. In the biz itself, development execs are always trying to second-guess the programmers at the various networks and cable channels, and this often leads to a watering down of quality and the look of sameness that so many of us object to. We at the People's Pilot are professionals primarily interested in selling the winning series. However, we refuse to lower our personal standards in order to do so. That would defeat the whole point of the competition, which is to present the grass roots ideas that the biz so desperately needs if it is to survive amid all the new entertainment competition. Therefore, in addition to asking "Can we sell this?" we have another criterion--our own taste. What do we like? What do we want to see? What can we believe in enough to go through the arduous development and placement process with the necessary enthusiasm to see it through to the end? At this point in the judging, fully half of the entries that have been read have passed both tests, and our excitement is mounting as we plunge back into the pile. TV Writer.Com and the People's Pilot will keep you posted as we proceed, and when we agree on a group of "semi- finalists" we will publish it immediately. Oh--for those who have wondered, here are the statistics. The People's Pilot received 130 entries. This is an easy to handle amount, large enough to give us plenty of ideas to sort through, yet small enough so that nothing will get lost in the shuffle. TV Writer.Com thanks everyone who entered for all their hard work, and wants to remind you that another People's Pilot Competition will start February 1, 2001, to find material for the summer 2001 selling season. For details, go to http://www.tvwriter.com/peoplespilot TV Writer.Com Better Writing Means Better TV