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1997-11-02 00:00:00 - $5,000 LOAN--NO PAYBACK EVER!!!!!!! - (CompWiz@CompWiz.net)

$5,000 LOAN--NO PAYBACK EVER!!!!!!! Time: 12-30 days Interested? Read on. Dear Friend: I look forward to getting home in the evenings and checking my mailbox so that I can count the amount of money I have received for the day. You can be in my position too, by counting as much as $200-$400 each day. This is not a typo. This is real and I am a real person on a mission to achieve financial freedom. Do not give up on this and do not throw this aside because I tell you without reservations, that this does work!! I am glad that I did not throw this away when I received it because I am now going to the bank to make deposits instead of withdrawals! Join me and the others by gaining your own financial freedom and continuing this process by sharing it with whomever you come in contact with because the more you share, the more money you make. You may have an interest in receiving an INTEREST FREE LOAN, even if you have had CREDIT PROBLEMS IN THE PAST. Well, read on because this one can really bring the CASH FAST! And it only costs a minimum. WOULD YOU LIKE A $5,000 LOAN THAT NEVER HAS TO BE REPAID? You can definitely get up to $5000 within a few weeks and you will not have to pay it back. This program is designed to raise money fast. It is VERY inexpensive to participate in because it's been designed to be run totally online, there are no postage or name list expenses! Read this over and carefully follow the instructions. It has worked very well for me each time that I have used it. In addition, this program is inexpensive and brings quick response. Need cash quick?? USE IT!! To get started quickly: Put two, 2 line ads in the classified section of any online server (see tips below). There is no need to run your ads longer than two weeks. You will receive more than enough responses in that period of time to assure your success. However, if your need for cash is great, run it as long as you wish. America Online is a good place to advertise this money making loan program. Place your ads in classifieds under Business Opportunities. Place your ads as often and in as many categories as possible because AOL's classifieds is like a ticker tape, it changes minute by minute. Try to place your ads at least two to three times per day. If you can do this, you should have enough responders in a couple of days to receive money. Get started Now!! If you use BULK EMAIL, then you will even reach more people and then you can triple your profits. You can also find other innovative ways to share this wonderful experience to make you more money. ****IMPORTANT****For FASTEST response If you have previous e-mail contacts with opportunity seekers be sure to send them a copy of this program. They can then pass it along to their contacts and the whole process will move much faster. Now You Can Have $5000 in 4 Weeks!! Can't be true, You Say?? Believe Me, It's 100% True!! Please Read to Find Out Why.... If you want to make a few thousand dollars weekly, then please take the time to read this carefully and understand the Multi-Level Program I am sharing with you. No, its not what you think! **You will not have to send $5 to five people for a report or a recipe, or any other product; and then later invest more time and money to get things going. **NO SPONSORING OR MEETINGS **NOTHING TO BUY, NO PRODUCTS **NO PERSONAL CONTACT **NOT MLM I'll show you proof that it works! First of all, there are only three levels, not four, five or six, like other programs. This three level program is more realistic and much faster to operate. The response rate for this program is very high! Here's proof. The originator of this program regularly makes money with it. It has worked very well for me EACH time that I have used it. Cindy Allen ran this loan summation four times last year. The first time she received $3000 in cash and over $5000 the last three times. When the letter is continued as it should be, everyone profits!! You only need 10 responses (not 100 or more as in other programs). You should send this to people who send you their programs because you know yours is better and faster. Even if you are already in a program, try this one. It's simple, it only has these three pages to e-mail and it is a very small investment compared to the other MLM programs that cost you hundreds of dollars to get started. Thanks for reading this far... Now here are the simple details!!! Here is How it Works! Just loan one person Five Dollars, that's all!!! Don't worry about finance charges or repaying the money. After the first time, you'll see how easy it is. And it does work! (it's like loaning to your relatives who you know won't pay you back but you don't care because your generosity always gets repaid.) Follow What to Do on the next page and in two to four weeks you'll have at least $5000 because most people will respond due to the low investment and high profit potential! Remember your fee is only five dollars. What To Do: READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: 1. On a blank sheet of paper, write your name and address and the words, "Here is your loan." Wrap the note around one five dollar bill. Send one to the first name on the list below . ONLY THE FIRST PERSON (#1) ON THE LIST GETS YOUR NAME AND A $5.OO LOAN! (NOTE: loans are not counted as taxable income. When you receive your loans be sure to keep the notes for your tax records.) 2. Copy this whole file to use as a download file. Change the name and address list only. 3. Remove the first person's name from the list 4. Move the other name up one and, 5. Add your name and address to the list in the second position. 6. Advertise EVERYWHERE and when you get responses just send them this same letter with the changes that you have made with your name in the number two position. List of Participants: 1. F Kahen 11507 Ohio Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025 2. R Clausen Toenningvej 4 Denmark Act Fast...Get Money Fast!!! This isn't "snail-mail" we are Online... That is all there is to it. When your name reaches the first position in a few days it will be your turn to collect your loans. Honesty and integrity make this plan work! Be sure to copy this letter entirely and omit nothing. At this time we are receiving an almost 75% return from people participating in this plan. The majority receives about $5000, so far. This is not an illegal chain letter. You may wish to refer to Title 18, section 1302 of the Postal and Lottery Code. Remember: Cost - $5.00... Time- 12-30 Days... Value- $5000.00 Thank you and may you have a Prosperous 1997!! Final Note: To succeed with this opportunity, please be sure to complete all the steps above (including sending money to the proper recipient and putting the other names and addresses in the proper sequence). Not following the rules would stop the flow of prosperity. This is a team effort! Thank-you and God Bless