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1998-03-08 00:00:00 - Qustion on "The Awakening" - (MajorJBX@webtv.net)

Okay,so I didn't get the plan Joan and The landlord had. Why did Beth kill them? I didn't quite here that. And did Beths implant die at the end,if yes,why was she smiling at the end of the episode? Julius

1998-03-08 00:00:00 - Re: Qustion on "The Awakening" - (jstrongbow@aol.com)

boy oh boy, you didn't 'gcet' this episode at all did you. First of all, the reason why Beth killed Joan and the Landlord was out of sheer jealous rage and anger, because the landlord had seduced her , Beth, just the other night, and she was high on the whole experience, via the chip and all. So when she saw, in one horrible moment, the whole scenario: the masks, the saucer, the phony abduction, the fact that her so-called friend Joan was conspiring with her so-called lover, the Landlord to drive her over the edge and get the chip removed so that they could benefit financially...well, it made her so mad, that she pushed them out the window. As for the second point, the only way she could beat a murder rap was to pretend that the chip stopped functioning. That's why she was smiling at the end. She got her revenge, got away with murder, and kept the new emotions that the chip was still giving her, but just pretended to be back to her catatonic state. Now do you get it? I have to admit it was a strange story, and sort of out of place in the Outer Limits, but I liked it. It certyainly deserves better praise than its been getting. Maybe a lot of people just didn't get it, just didn't dig the subtleties. Ciao.

1998-03-08 00:00:00 - Re: Qustion on "The Awakening" - (Rob <buzzoon@autobahn.mb.ca>)

I think Beth was smiling because her implant was still functioning and she was looking forward to her "new life". She didn't want to let on for fear the implant would be removed. Rob