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2001-06-22 06:27:37-05:00 - FANFIC Agent of the tribunal #1 Trouble in a bottle - ("joshf@efn.org" <theimortal1@qwest.com>)

I'm posting this cause it uses an outer limits character. Agent of the tribunal #1 trouble in a bottle. The sentences in all caps are Nicholas's thoughts on what will happen and what did happen. Nicholas Prentice and the tribunal are property of Mgm. 1979. A man stumbles out of a bar and gets in his car after dropping the keys like four times. He is obviously very drunk. He gets in the car and starts it up. The man shakes his head when his vision gets fuzzy and nearly throws up in his car. "Tell me that I have drunk enough. I will tell them when I have drunk enough. I will find another bar." The man says angry. He pulls from the curb and starts down the street, albeit shaky and swerving. Down the street a young boy is looking both ways and begins to cross. The guy reaches back for a beer in the backseat and lingers too long. He turns around and sees the boy too late. He slams on the brakes but still feels the sickening thumping feeling. "No." The man screams. He rushes out of the car and finds the boy under the car. The boy doesn't look good at all but he checks for a pulse anyway. When he doesn't find one he looks up at the sky. "NOOOOOOO!" He screams. Unknown to him, a man was standing on the curb watching it all. A man in a black outfit with a derby cap and a cane. The stranger goes into an alley and looks to see if anyone is watching him. He pulls out his watch and opens it up. The watch lights up and he disappears. A LOT OF PEOPLE WISH THEY COULD CHANGE A MISTAKE IN THEIR PAST. BUT NOT ALL CHANGES ARE GOOD FOR THE PERSON. "Trouble in a bottle." 2000. An alcoholics anonymous meeting is going on. A familiar but older man stands up. "My name is Matt and I am an alcoholic." Matt says. "Welcome Matt." Everybody says. "I have always had a problem with drinking. But I never knew why until 21 years ago when I killed someone in a drunk driving accident. After that my family did a intervention and I got help." Matt says solemnly. "Man I am sorry to hear that something like that had to happen to you before you got better. But the most important part is that you got better." A man says to Matt. Meanwhile the same black suit and hat man is standing outside looking at a book. Inside the book is a screen with Matt's picture in it. He decides that he better wait for the meeting to get out before he approaches his subject. When the meeting gets out and Matt comes out, the man approaches him. "Matt Gordon?" The man asks. "Who wants to know?" Matt asks spinning around. "My name is Nicholas, I have come to help you." Nicholas responds. "Hey I am being helped. I don't need help from anybody but the people in that meeting." Matt says. "I am not here to help you with the present, or I am in some way. But here to help you with you're past." Nicholas says. "Are you some kind of nut?" Matt asks apprehensively. "That is not the last time somebody has asked me that." Nicholas says laughing. "And I am sure this won't be the last time. Get away from me." Matt says. "I know that you were in a drunk driving accident that killed a little boy." Nicholas says. Matt spins around with fury in his eyes. "Who the hell are you? Are you one of the family of that boy? I did my time. Stop tormenting me." Matt yells. "I can help you prevent it from ever happening. But only if you want to." Nicholas says. "Okay now I know you are crazy." Matt says then takes off. Nicholas shakes his head. He waits a bit then heads on over to Matt's apartment. He knocks on the door. Matt opens the door and nearly slams it on Nicholas's foot. "Are you gonna leave me alone or am I gonna have to call the police?" Matt asks angry. "I am telling you the truth. I can take you to the past to stop the tragedy that happened. But only if you want me to." Nicholas says. "That's it. I am calling the police." Matt says. "Wait. What if it was possible? Wouldn't you want to change all the bad things that happened cause of that? Not to mention save the boys life?" Nicholas asks. Matt doesn't close the door and just stands there. Nicholas has something that the boy was holding in his hand. "Where did you.?" Matt asks. "I was there when it happened. I am forbidden to change history myself or I would have saved the boy." Nicholas says. "Okay so maybe you are a time traveler. What can I do to change history? I remember what I was like back then. I wouldn't listen to anybody. I was very violent. The last person that took my keys away from me ended up in the hospital. How am I ever gonna stop myself?" Matt asks. "You could save the boy." Nicholas says. "Besides. If that accident never happened then I might have never been forced to get help." Matt says. Nicholas shakes his head and says, "You can never ever blame someone else for something happening. It was you who wanted to get help. Maybe the death of that boy shocked you into it, but you always wanted to get help. But the denial blocked that want." Nicholas says. Matt opens the door and steps out. "Okay. I will do it." Matt says. "You won't regret it." Nicholas says smiling. He stands next to Matt and opens up his watch. It starts to glow and they both disappear. 1979. Matt is momentarily confused by the time shift and looks around. He goes over to a newsstand and picks a paper up. "1979. Wow you were telling the truth." Matt says. Nicholas just smiles. Matt suddenly sees a car pulls up to a bar and a man steps out. "Why does that man seem familiar?" Matt asks. "Cause that's you. Or it's you 21 years ago. You are about to go on a drinking spree that will cost someone else's life as well as change yours forever." Nicholas responds. "So I guess I should try to stop myself first since I was sent this far back from the time of the accident." Matt says. Matt and Nicholas walk into the bar and he finds his younger self. Matt walks up to himself and sits down. "Waiter, can I have a soda." Older Matt asks. "Hey buddy. If you want a soda, go to a damn soda shop." His younger self says. A flash of recognition appears on his younger self's face but disappears quickly. "Man. If I didn't know any better I'd say you were me. Or at least an older me." Young Matt says shaking his head. Nicholas shakes his head, as if he knows that Matt is gonna say that he is the older version. An hour later the younger Matt orders his second Mug of beer. "Hey. Don't you think you have had enough." The Older Matt asks. "Hey I don't need any crap from you or anybody else." Young Matt says obviously drunk already. The bartender notices the younger Matt's drunken behavior. "Yeah maybe he's right. I am cutting you off." The bartender says. "I will tell you when I have had enough damn it." Young Matt yells slamming his fist on the table. "Okay I am gonna have to ask you to leave." The bartender says. Young Matt storms out of the bar. He goes for his keys but finds them missing. He spins around and notices them hanging out of the back pocket of that older guy that looks like him. He runs inside and spins the older guy around. "You little shit. You think you can take my keys and get away with it?" Younger Matt yells. "You can't drive." Older Matt says. "First you tell me I can't drink anymore, and now you tell me I can't drive. You are asking for it." Young Matt yells. He cocks his fist back but Nicholas grabs it and holds it. "Okay buddy I have called the police. I suggest you get the hell out of my bar and never return again." The bartender says angry. The younger Matt grabs the keys so suddenly that the older Matt can't stop him. "Damn. History hasn't changed. The boy will still die." Nicholas yells. Matt races out of the bar and watches as the younger Matt takes off in his car. Something in Matt makes him run faster than he has ever run before. He actually passes the car and sees the young boy step out into the street. He races into the kid knocking him out of the path of the car but then gets hit himself. The younger Matt steps out of his car and yells for help. Nicholas stands and watches with sadness as the life leaves the old Matt. He steps back into the shadows as the police come. "I saw what happened. This man was driving erratically and this man is the one that saved the boy from being hit." A woman says pointing to the younger Matt and then to the older Matt. Nicholas opens up his watch and disappears. The police apprehend him and he gets an intervention. In the tribunal's present, the official year of death as unknown. A body is never found cause they never searched for it in the past. A MAN TRADED HIS LIFE FOR ANOTHER. THE PRICE HE HAD TO PAY TO CHANGE HIS PAST. WAS IT WORTH IT? ONLY GOD KNOWS. The end.