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From: mystidy@hotmail.com Subject: DO YOU WANT TO OBTAIN MANY DOLLARS? Date: 10 feb. 2005 14:13:40 -0800 YOU WANT TO OBTAIN MANY DOLLARS ? I've been trying to figure out the way to make extra money in the internet, checking news groups and ads. It's not easy but I try to keep an open mind to opportunities. In these websites you would find messages like the one described further below. The message got me thinking:This is just a chain, I don't buy it. But, what if it works? It's not something new. People have been doing it for decades and I've never heard of anyone that have acctually made some money out of it. But, what if it works? When you really think about it, this is a real job. I finally made up my mind and here I go. If you made up your mind too, or if you're still giving it a little more thought, keep reading. It won't be easy. Putting this message on every single website that you can think of, like news, newsgroups and ads will be necessary. The more you do it, the better for you (and for me too, of course), that's why it's a real job. It'll take some hours of advertising and promoting. This chain is different because it doesn't depend on five or ten persons to whom the masseges would have to be sent by tradditional mail. With the internet, the message is sent worldwide, available to thousands and someone (like me) it's going to go for it. Finally, did you think how much you're going to learn from this kind of task so you can use this knowledge on future jobs or projects? Now my name is the last one on the list, where, if you decide to go on, you'll put yours at the end leaving my name as the one before last. I wish you good luck, because part of this luck is for me too. This is the message I found: "A few days back, when I was visiting news websites, just like you are now, I saw an article, very similiar to this one, saying you can make thousands of dollars in just a few weeks by investing only US$6=B0=B0! I thougt: "Oh no! Another fraud?" But just like most of us, I got very curious and I kept reading. The article showed six names and addresses for you to send US$1=B0=B0. Then, you have to write your name at the end of the list replacing the one on #6 and send the article to at least 200 "newsgroups" (there are thousands of these all around the world). There's no trick, that was it. The big difference between this chain system and others is that you have a list of six members instead of five. This means that your average profit will be fifteen times higher!!! After thinking it through with my friends, I decided to give it a try. After all, I had nothing to lose but six stamps and US$6=B0=B0, right? I was worried about the whole thing being legal, so I contacted the Correo Central de Chile and they confirmed this chain is completely legal!! So I invested my US$6=B0=B0.....GUESS WHAT!!!... seven days later, I started to recieve money by mail!!! I was really surprised!!! I still thought this would end in a few days, but the money kept comming!!! The first week I made from US$20=B0=B0 to US$30=B0=B0. By the end of the second week, I had made a total of US$1.000=B0=B0!!!!! By the third week I got more than US$10.000=B0=B0 and I was getting more. This is my fourth week and I've made over US$41.000=B0=B0 and It's still comming ( my family spend the time opening the envelopes and I spend my time finding "newsgroups"). This is getting serious!!! At the end, it really paid the US$6=B0=B0 and six stamps investment. I sure spent more on lotto!!! Let me explain how it works, and most of all, the reason why it works so well. Make sure to print a copy of this article RIGHT NOW so you can get all the information needed. It's a very simple 3 step process: STEP N=B01: Get six pieces of paper and write this down on everyone: "PLEASE INCLUDE ME IN YOUR ADDRESS LIST OR E-MAIL." Now get six US$1=B0=B0 bills. Then, fold the papers and put the one dollar bill in each so it won't be seen through the envelope. It'll be better if you cover the bill with a dark color paper so it won't be stolen. At the end you'll have six sealed envelopes with six one dollar bills enclolsed. By doing this you're creating a "service" which makes it ABSOLUTELY LEGAL!!! Send the envelopes to the following addresses: 1=2E Jorge Balc=E1zar Convento San Juan de los Lagos N=B0 36, Jardines de Santa M=F3nica, C.P. 54050, Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico, M=C9XICO 2=2E Marco Vinicio Gramajo Leal 2a. Avenida 4-66 Zona 1, Mazatenango Suchitepequez, Guatemala, Centro Am=E9rica. 3=2E Ricardo Portillo Arteaga Calle Gonzalo de Berceo N=BA 52 piso 2=BA letra B, codigo postal 26005, Logro=F1o - La Rioja, Espa=F1a. 4=2E Javier Pi=F1eros Barreto Carrera 72 No 62 f 33 sur, manzana 2 entrada 3 apto 102, Urbanizaci=F3n Calabria, Bogota Colombia, 5=2E JAVIER DARIO ARENAS Apartado postal : 243003 ADPOSTAL: Palmira - Valle Del Cauca - Colombia Email: adarting@hotmail.com o darting@latimail.com 6=2E Diana Roth 439 Lake Drive South, Keswick, Ontario, Canada. L4P 1P7 STEP2: Remove name #1 of the top of the list and move the other names one number up (#6 becomes #5 and so on), add your name and address as #6. REMEMBER, YOU MUST REMOVE #1 NOT #6, MODIFY THE NUMBER ON THE REMAINING NAMES AND ADD YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO THE LIST AS #6. STEP3: Change all those things you consider to be changed in this article, but try to keep it as close to the original as possible. Now put your article on at least 200 "newsgroups" (there are more than 24.000 groups). Just search in google.com by the keyword "newsgroups" and you'll find more than 56.000 items. You just need 200, but the more you put the article on line, the more money you'll get!! These are instructions to get into the "Newsgroups": N=B01 Since you must have your own article, there's no need to write it all over again. Just select the whole text and use the "copy" function from the "edit" menu. N=B02 Create a "notepad" file and "paste" the text, also using this function from the "edit" menu. Now you have the text as a notepad file and you can add your name and address as #6. N=B03 Save the text as a .txt file. This will make It easier for you to make changes on the text whenever you want. FOR THOSE WHO USE NETSCAPE N=B04 In the Netscape browser go to "window" and select "netscapeNews". Then, select "options" from the menu and then selct "show all Newsgroups" so you can get the list of all the "Newsgroups" in the server. Click on any of the newsgroups, and then click on "TO NEWS", it should appear at the top on the left. This will lead you to the messages box. N=B05 Fill in that space. That will be the title everyone will see when visiting any group. N=B06 Copy your article and paste it there. Go back to the Newsgroup and "TO NEWS" and you'll be creating and pasting inside the program or "posting". N=B07 Click on "send" AND YOU'RE DONE!..CONGRATULATIONS!! TO THOSE WHO USE INTERNET EXPLORER Step N=B04 Go to Newsgroups and select "Post an article". Step N=B05 Load the article Step N=B06 Repeat step N=B06 for the Netscape users. Step N=B07 Press "Post" THAT'S ALL! All you have to do is search for different Newsgroups. After a few loads, It'll take like 30 seconds to put the article in each newsgroup! Eventually you might want to get a P.O Box ‘cause you're gonna get a great ammount of envelopes. You can also use a nickname as long as the address is correct. MAKE SURE THAT ALL THE ADDRESSES ARE CORRECT. Now, let's check the numbers: Supose I only get 5 answers out of 200 sent messages (which is a really low example), then I made US$5=B0=B0 with my name as #6 on the list. Now, if everyone who sent me US$1=B0=B0 contact a minimum of 200 Newsgroups too, all of them with my name as #5 on the list, and just five answer to the 5 original messages, I'll get US$25=B0=B0. This 25 persons put my name as #4 on a minimum of 200 Newsgroups getting just 5 answers I'd be makin another US$125=B0=B0. Then, 125 persons put my name as #3 on a minimum of 200 Newsgroups, again getting just 5 answers, I'd be getting another US$625=B0=B0 and so on!! With my name as #2 I'll get US$3.125=B0=B0, and as #1, US$15.625!!! Now, as I said before, getting only 5 answers is extreme, the real average of answers is 20 to 30, so DO THE MATH!!! Once your name is out of the list, get the last ad on the newsgroup and send the US$6=B0=B0 to the names listed and put yours as #6 and start all over!! Just remember: Thousands of people all around the world surf the Internet every day reading the article just like you and me! So I think many of them wont see a problem on investing US$6=B0=B0 to see if it really works. I know that some will think, "what if no one answers?" No way!!! What are the chances that will happen, when there are millions of honest persons (like us) who need to pay bills, who are looking for financial independence and who are willing to give it a shot. You can also do this by getting at least 200 e-mails. With this system, the probbability of success is 5% to 15%. Eather way you do it, always remember to be honest and I promise you It will work. Just make sure to print this article NOW. Try to keep a list to track all those who sent you money. Keep checking the newsgroups so you can see if everyone is playing fair. REMEMBER, HONESTY IS THE BEST WAY TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. I've heard of people who sent the message with their names on the list but without sending the money and they hardly recieved any money back. TIME IS IMPORTANT! Don't wait more than seven days from the moment you see this article! Let's follow the rules so we can all win! Don't forget to mention this extra money on your tax declaration. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!