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2002-06-14 20:47:51-07:00 - Season 7 in Syndication? - (Carniv4 <carniv4us@eatme.com>)

Hi: New to this NG. Believe it or not, I just learned that there was a season 7 of the new OL that was originally shown on Sci-Fi over a year ago. I saw all six prior seasons on Showtime and thought the show was shut down after that since they did a whole "farewell" show, etc. Man, where have I been??? Now, I want to try to catch up and see the season 7 episodes. I've checked out Sci-Fi's on-line schedule through July and it looks like they're currently re-running seasons 1 and 2 so it's gonna be a while before they get back to season 7. My question is, does anyone know if the current syndication shows are currently season 7? The local station here in L.A. airs it on Sunday at 6pm and again at midnight. Have they started season 7 yet? If so, will they show the eps more than once so I'd have a chance to see 'em all before it reverts back to earlier seasons or just goes off the air altogether. And is there going to be a season 8? I've looked thru a few earlier posts and it doesn't look like there will be, but just wanted to confirm. Thanks for any and all info! Carniv4