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2001-04-14 05:11:35+00:00 - Comments on "Vessel" - (charles novins <cnovins@hotmail.com>)

Spoiler warning! > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Tonight's "Vessel" was a mass of missed opportunities. Again, it's the writing that bothers me most. When the last act arrives, there was a classic opportunity for some intelligent dialogue among the characters in "the control room" if you will. Instead we get hysterical, boilerplate dialogue - the "army" says kill it, the "scientist" says preserve it, etc. The dialogues between alien and host were too short. This is also where this show could have shined (see "The Galaxy Being" - the first episode of OL ever - to see how this is done). There were some good bits, however; I enjoyed how the alien mirrored the human's amazement at seeing so strange a life form. I liked the "bear" (that's Original OL lingo for the alien, for those familiar with New OL only) even though the effect was somewhat cheap; it looked a lot like a bear from the first series. And, of course, I was real glad to see a non-dark show. I was really hating this one until the last 20 minutes or so.