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1999-09-20 00:00:00 - the begining of season 5 for channel 11 - (Trancser <Trancser@Freenet.Nether.Net>)

Damn, channel 11 (its the secondary source for OL in my area at least) next week is now going to start airing the begining of season 5, unfortuniately though, channel 11 is network television, so there will probably be a LOT cut...damn it, I wish showtime wuold start repeats of the begining of season 5 before channel 11 would....I'll probably end up watching on it on 11, but would rather see things on showtime.... Anyone know if episodes like "alien radio" will be re-repeated again anytime soon, on showtime (the first it repeated cable had to go on the fritz in my area ...go figure.....GOSH) ?