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1999-09-17 00:00:00 - about descent - (Trancser <Trancser@Freenet.Nether.Net>)

I remember first time seeing it, and notice "Kevin Konway" in the opening credits, but I dont seem to recall actually seeing him in the episode.....ALTHOUGH I've only seen him once, in that li'l special intermission thing before Tribunal aired (then with a beared and not a whole lota hair on top) .... but I dont know, is there another actor named Kevin Konway? I THOUGHT he might've been the old dude that tried to take command after war broke out, and that guy (with the long hair) said that he couldnt, that marcia cross's character was suppose to take command ... anyway....anyone know?

1999-09-18 00:00:00 - Re: about descent - (Trancser <Trancser@Freenet.Nether.Net>)

Brian Barjenbruch wrote: > The only one I know of is Kevin Conway (with a C). He played Kahless > the Unforgettable on ST:TNG, a corrupt police detective on one episode > of Law & Order...those are the only times I've seen the guy. > Ooops, k, I should've look on innermind.com to get his name spelled correctly, and his name is indeed (at least on innermind.com!) listed in credits (guest starring!). But uh, I still dont recall seeing someone that looked like him.... Wow, thats right! Damn, I didnt realize that, but uh... dont you mean (I sure this isnt how its spelt but) Gowlrawn or something, wasnt Kahless the one of the ancient klingon warriors that worf was having a talk with one time ...or however that went?

1999-09-20 00:00:00 - Re: about descent - (Trancser <Trancser@Freenet.Nether.Net>)

> No, Gowron was always played by Robert O'Reilly. Kahless, in his one > appearance on TNG, was indeed played by Kevin Conway. > Hmm...oh, well...gee, I'm not 100% sure of what Kahless looked like (even if that would help - with all that dern klingon make up on anyway) ... tryin' to get a better picture of what Kevin Conway looks like