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1998-04-11 00:00:00 - THE OUTER LIMITS - (MajorJBX@webtv.net)

I have been watching a few clasic episodes of OL. "Galaxy Being","Controled Expirement","Architects Of Fear",Don't Open Till Doomsday","Feasability Study" and now have "Speciman: Unknown". Thats all the classics I have seen and has it and is going to see it. I have only seen video tapes on Classic Outer Limits,and I know there are tapes that show the previous season eps. like "The Choice",and "Caught In The Act","Sandkings" etc. and I haven't found a single previous season ep. tape. I have checked stores like Virgin Megastore and Suncoast (a little store in a mall). If you have any info about finding these tapes,please reply.