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1998-09-20 00:00:00 - WTB: OL soundtrack - (Christian Bradley <christian@lakeside.ods.com>)

Does anyone have a copy of the Outer Limits soundtrack that they'd be willing to sell? Or if you can obtain it at a store, I can pay cost + shipping. Thanks, Christian His Majesty's Secret Agent --------------------------------- "I now declare myself to be the patron saint of technology. With my right hand, I heal broken technology, and with my septor in my left hand, I cast out the demons of stupidity." - Dogbert --------------------------------- HEY, VISIT MY PRETENDER WEBSITE AT: http://www.geocities.com/televisioncity/studio/7958/ MY STAR TREK, OUTER LIMITS, DUE SOUTH, WING COMMANDER AND EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT SITES WILL COME SOON!