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2004-05-18 14:36:42-04:00 - New Miniseries is Outer Limits Meets Law & Order - (Joe Silver <zeus96816@yahoo.com>)

I have been checking out the promos for the new upcoming miniseries called 5 Days to Midnight with Tim Hutton and Randy Quaid and if I didn't know any better, I would swear to goodness that its a miniseries version of Outer Limits. Here's the premise from here: http://www.scifi.com/fivedays/about/ "5ive Days to Midnight revolves around college professor J.T. Neumeyer, who stumbles upon a mysterious briefcase containing a police file filled with details of a gruesome murder - his own. The file, complete with photos of his bullet-strewn corpse and a list of suspects, indicates that the shooting will take place in five days. J.T. is skeptical at first, but when events begin to mirror those in the report, he realizes that the file is genuine - and that his time is quickly running out. He has only days to solve the mystery of his own murder and, hopefully, change the course of the future." Does that not sound like an episode of Outer Limits or not? It seems pretty wild. Anyway, just thought I would mention it. Joe