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1998-03-19 00:00:00 - The Outer Limits returns to Sky One - (Mike Horne <mike@whispers.demon.co.uk>)

According to TV Zone, The Outer Limits returns to Sky One on 29th April with an episode starring Gary Cole (Midnight Caller, American Gothic) Oh, BTW, we're also getting world premieres of Sliders season four, commencing 20th April. :) I'm setting up a new site with UK air dates for various cult shows and the address'll be announced here as soon as it's ready (couple days, three tops) The reviews have managed to get themselves forgotten about... But, I've got In The Zone to watch and that should get me going on Music of the Spheres and Rite (CRAP!, big time) of Passage. -- Mike Horne mike@whispers.demon.co.uk * http://www.whispers.demon.co.uk "They say life is a river..."