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1997-10-01 00:00:00 - Fwd: NEW CLASSIC SCI-FI ITEMS AT STILL THINGS - (acutabov@ix.netcom.com)

Found this in alt.tv.scifi.channel... > From: stills<remove>@primenet.com (Jeff Sillifant) > ATTENTION FANS OF CLASSIC SCI-FI -- GET A LOAD OF THIS TRIO: > *CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON...snip... > > *THE OUTER LIMITS "Architects of Fear" original script! This TV show and "The > Twilight Zone" share top billing in the annals of small-screen anthology > series'. And this Robert Culp-starrer is right up there with the best-ever > conceived episodes. This was Janos Prohaska's personal copy, dated June 10, > 1963. $250.00 thru October only. > > *THE OUTER LIMITS "The Mutant" original script! This one was not up to the > normally high standards for the series but Warren Oates with fried-egg > eyeballs was a hoot and the January 8, 1964, teleplay is a great read and > rare indeed. $250.00 thru October only. Take both titles for a discounted > $475.00 > > Please visit us at http://www.primenet.com/~stills/ and click our <latest > Items> list. > > Best Regards; > Jeff Sillifant > Still Things

1997-10-04 00:00:00 - OUTER LIMITS MEMORABILIA? - (kilinsky@cobweb.net)

In article <N.100197.020346.86@chi-il10-23.ix.netcom.com>, acutabov@ix.netcom.com (Vogue Rogue) wrote: > > Found this in alt.tv.scifi.channel... <snip> Does anyone "Outer Limits" fans knows if there is any memorabilia out there from the old show? I've never seen any "Outer Limits" memorabilia displayed on "Personal fX--The Collectibles Show", which I watch fairly often. They did an auction for the X-Files and Science Fiction a while ago... We should write to "Personal fX" and let them know that we want an "Outer Limits" Sci-Fi auction. They are really kind over there and they would listen to you if you wrote to them. Dave -------------------==== Posted via Deja News ====----------------------- http://www.dejanews.com/ Search, Read, Post to Usenet

1997-10-06 00:00:00 - Re: OUTER LIMITS MEMORABILIA? - (acutabov@ix.netcom.com)

What about wav's? Anyone know where I can get control voice wav files?