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2000-07-18 00:00:00 - HIGHLANDER - A Celtic Opera - (Roger Bellon <bellchant@earthlink.net>)

HIGHLANDER - A Celtic Opera Composed by: Roger BELLON and Harlan COLLINS An audio experience of passion, power and mystery seen through the eyes of Duncan MacLeod. Presented in verse and song with original music, giving new voice to the journey of The Highlander. Now available directly from the composers! http://www.highlanderopera.com Roger BELLON, composer of the music for Highlander-The Series, teams up with award-winning songwriter Harlan COLLINS to bring you this extraordinary 72 minute CD, complete with a 12-page glossy booklet containing the full libretto of Highlander - A Celtic Opera. Including, a new extended symphonic version of the ever-popular Celtic song "Bonny Portmore." Order Now!!! $16.99(plus s&h) Visa and Mastercard accepted Discounts are available Also Available! Highlander - A Celtic Opera T-shirts Quality Hanes Beefy - T shirts (white) with the Highlander - A Celtic Opera logo on the front and back. $18.50(plus s&h) http://www.highlanderopera.com