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1998-03-31 00:00:00 - [CFV] The Outer Limits: "Re-Generation" - (GEOS <geos-cfv@BLOCK.net.au>)

The Outer Limits "Re-Generation" Broadcast on 30 Mar, 98 "A woman impregnates herself with her dead child's cells in order to create an embroynic clone. She soon experiences her son's memories and discovers more about his death" ------ This message has been automatically posted to this newsgroup because the The Outer Limits episode "Re-Generation" was broadcast yesterday in the United States. You must be a Registered GEOS Voter to participate in the survey. To register, please fill out the New Voter Registration form at: <http://www.swd.net.au/geos/survey/registration.html> Further details are available at the GEOS Survey Central: <http://www.swd.net.au/geos/survey/index.html> IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED GEOS VOTER ---------------------------------- To be accepted by the Email Daemon, replies MUST be addressed to <geos-cfv@swd.net.au> and have the word "CFV" in the SUBJECT line. The email address in the header contains a Spam-Blocker. Replace the BLOCK with swd before sending. Edit the fields below using the information you supplied to GEOS. As an example, your reply could look something like this: Bloggs:Fred:1234:tol:046:7.1. === Please Delete Down to Here in Your Reply === YourLastname:YourFirstname:YourPIN:tol:046:YourScore.