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1997-09-26 00:00:00 - Opinions about some Outer Limits Episodes - (Erol <erol@pipeline.com>)

Professional Attempts To Transfer The Insight The Outer Limits TV Series

1997-10-03 00:00:00 - Re: Opinions about some Outer Limits Episodes - (acutabov@ix.netcom.com)

I'm going back into the Light! >"Erol" <erol@pipeline.com> wrote: > Professional Attempts To Transfer The Insight The Outer Limits TV Series > > From Within > > We first see a few miners at work. As they dig up the ground they find a > corpse. Only its skeleton is left. As they fondle it, strange worm-like > creatures strike from above! I know, at first this sounds ridiculous, but > please keep on reading. These parasites have a ���strange��� effect on human > beings. When you are ���infected��� you begin to behave ���weird���: For > example, that desire you have suppressed for so long can not be avoided any > more. What���s more, you can ���transmit��� this parasite to any one ���around��� > you. Then we see the major characters of the episode: A ���na���ve��� young man > and his scientist sister. Actually his sister is a paleo-biologist (could > have been my dream profession). She checks out this skeleton to find that it > is a dinosaur. Before we go any further let me tell you something about > their father and this ���na���ve��� boy. Their father was a man of science but > a ���sincere��� one. Unfortunately he blew up himself when he was dealing with > explosives in the mine. Our ���na���ve��� boy can not understand how a smart > man like his father did such a thing, for he solves his problems using this > (scientific) method and despite his ���condition��� he succeeds each time. > > Back in town, people are a little bit uneasy about his ���condition.��� He is > kind of weird you know. Later on, the disease spreads around the town. > Everyone is having casual sex, beating up each other, everywhere is > destroyed and broken into. The only uninfected ones are our heroes. What���s > makes it worse, even our scientist ���by the way, she is a sincere scientist > too- gets infected and the future of mankind is in the hands of a ���na���ve��� > boy! Infected folks hide during the day and spend their time licking salt in > a dark cave. I���ll skip details and head to the end. Finally, our boy is > about to blow this cave (it���s a part of the mine). Scared and furious the > infected folks try to kick his butt, but the sun is still up in the sky. As > they approach our boy they begin to drop one by one. The parasites get out > of many of the ���sick��� guys leaving them ���uninfected��� again. However some > can not survive and ���accidentally��� they are the ones who systematically > spread the disease and pursued the ���effects of the sickness��� for so long. > > Paradise > > This is, like the previous piece, another episode of the TV series The Outer > Limits. In this one we ���open our eyes��� in a bar. A man looks a little bit > bored and he is ���looking around.��� An attractive woman ���though not > according to my taste- approaches him. Then there you have it: Yeah, give it > to me baby. After ���a great deal of work���, the woman starts to cry. She > keeps saying: ���It did not work, it did not work.��� Man looks confused and > as if he asks ���You got your orgasm damn it, is there anything more to it?��� > Then, within a split of a second that young woman turns into a horribly > deformed -and sick- old woman. Needless to say she dies immediately. In the > second scene, we are in a place where old folks are left when they become > unpractical to be around. In our case however, this seems quite reasonable. > Because the mother of the main character has the Alzheimer���s disease and > does not remember ���again an ���accidental��� approach in the scenario- > anybody at all. We approach her through her loving daughter Christine. Let��� > s keep in mind that although Christine has a happy family, she can not have > a child. She is a doctor and when they find the corpse of the woman I > mentioned first, she analyzes it. Astonished, neither she nor the other > doctors can explain it. After a while another corpse is found. There are > great similarities between this and the first one, from the illnesses they > had to this strange anomaly very near to their vaginas. > > Let���s go back to Christine���s mother again. She gets up in the middle of > the night and finds that special man who is always very concerned about her. > She says, ���let���s go Gerry. It���s time to go into the light. It���s time to > conceive.��� She takes him to a deserted place. Then, she (I forgot her name. > Let���s call her Suzan for convenience) spots a location and says, ���this is > the place.��� Gerry, confused and freaked out asks her to go back. Suddenly > hundreds of sparkles penetrate their bodies and they are young again! In the > background we hear a Sinatra-type-of romantic song: ������ you see her across > the hall and even then you know.��� Gerry watches her as she moves about. He > is breathless. She says, ���I haven���t seen you smiling like that for 40 > years Gerry. What���s up?��� Gerry says, ���I have waited for this moment all > my life.��� She, indicating she already knows it, says ���for what?��� He says > ���I love you Suzan, I love you.��� We are in the bedroom of Christine. Gerry > says, ���what is going on Suzan? Why are we here?��� ���Grandma��� takes off her > clothes. Gerry, ���terrified���, ���this is your daughter���s room! It���s not > right!��� Suzan says, ���This is the perfect place. This place is full of > love ��� love of family, love of each other. This is a miracle conceived by > love. They make love elegantly. This is not like ���yeah, give it to me > baby��� type of thing. As we listen to the new age soundtrack, we ���move��� > to a more ���receptive��� mood. Then, ���grandma��� becomes 9 months pregnant in > an instance. Gerry calls her daughter Christine. We are ready for the birth > now. When this 85 years old woman begins to give birth she tells her story. > Once, she and three of her friends were travelling near someone���s estate. > Then, they were drawn to this place. They have walked for a while and found > a strange looking woman-kind-of-alien. Accidentally she was looking just > like mother Marry. Our grandma continues her story after giving another > push. This alien was from a place that was like paradise. However due to an > unknown reason ���maybe I forgot- their race came to an end. She had 4 eggs, > however. She planted those in these women. It required 50 years for them to > hatch. After that they had to be fertilized. The ���fertilization��� worked > only with the couple who loved each other. Our ���grandma��� gives another > push and says, ���their whole race is in this baby now.��� After giving birth > she hands the baby to her daughter and says, ���I will not be able to see her > grow up Christine. [But this does not matter.] You will be a great mother. > No matter what age she is, she is going to be your little girl. You will > always ��� [be concerned about] her.��� Now we know that Suzan can remember > everything. After this ���accidental��� final the episode ends.