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2001-03-31 06:48:15+00:00 - New Life: pretty good - (Dan Hartung <dhartung@spamcop.net>)

Finally, the new season has a solid episode! I was overall pleased with this one, rating it about 3 stars. That's a big improvement over the previous two: Tom Arnold & the robot was charitably a 2-star episode, Michael Rooker and the virus girl was 2-1/2 stars. Both had good moments but dragged, showing the weakness of the hour-long format. If these had been told in 30 minutes and combined, pacing alone would dictate improvement. There were more special effects in this episode, also: the first two were quite sparse in that regard. The "glass wall" effect in particular was memorable and nicely handled. Even so, it's clear they have less money to spend. I hope that this show is more representative of the quality than the first two; I'd hate to see OL go down the drain even though Sci-Fi saved it from cancellation. -- Dan Hartung dan [at] dhartung (dot) com Lake Effect weblog: http://www.lakefx.nu/