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1997-12-24 00:00:00 - Science Explained. A new website that tells you about the science in the headlines. - (jamie@Xenterprise.net)

Hello, Please visit my new website, "Science Explained". On these pages you can learn about the exciting things going on in the world of science and find reviews of web sites and books where you can learn more. Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the universe will find this site useful. The content is intended for highschoolers and upwards. (Parents of younger children may also find "Science Explained" a useful site to visit.) At "Science Explained" you will find descriptions of science events in the news. These pages have _real_ content. Many of the articles are a recap of an original research paper presented in a way that can be understood by the average person. Important concepts are described. At the start of this year ... 1) I explain the research paper from the Roslin Institute and describe how Dolly was cloned. This includes descriptions of early embryonic development, the cell cycle and microinjection of the nucleus. 2) I give you a lesson about the behavior of volcanoes, using Montserrat as an example. The main concepts and definitions of vulcanology are learned. 3) I review the research paper describing Martian "fossils" in Martian meteorites. A great deal of chemical evidence was used to convince us that there had been life on Mars. Here���s the chemistry explained. 4) I describe the night sky for January (planets, phases of the moon, meteorite showers, etc.). This is followed by your first astronomy lesson (about Polaris and the dippers). Please have a look. While you are there you can enter the monthly drawing. This month Science Explained is giving away a copy of Principles of Alchemy, the self-paced, self-learning chemistry hypertextbook (software). I hope you visit and I invite you to return each month to enjoy more articles (and see the night sky for the next month). Sincerely, Dr Jamie Love (To email me, please remove the X from jamie@Xenterprise.net) Editor of Science Explained, where you learn the science behind the excitement! http://www.mindweb.co.uk/merlin/science Topical and interesting articles from an experienced science teacher. Science books and web sites reviewed and recommended.