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1997-09-01 00:00:00 - Colorizing old b&w O.L. eps. - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

I agree with much of what M. Bastraw said in his "abomination" list. Additionally I must add the cinematography of the original OUTER LIMITS (esp. C. Hall's 1st season work), used the black n' white medium much more to its advantage than any other tv show I've seen. Unlike the norm where incendiary lighting is used to produce bright & clear home reception, Hall employed dim lighting - so dim at times as to conceal people & objects in shadow - to increase the feelings of horror and mystery. While the colorization process has certainly improved from its early days, or even just a few years ago, it still works best when applied to brightly & evenly lit scenes. 'The Outer Limits' by its very nature, cinematographically (?) speaking, would not adapt well to colorization. Look at eps. like "The Forms of Things Unknown" or "O.B.I.T.". The stark contrasts in black and white set the mood. In my opinion, something would be lost in the translation to color. It's too bad many cable networks feel the way they do, but I assume the ratings must bear this out or else they'd run more b&w fare. I, for one, would like to see the numbers (ratings) during this last summer's OL marathon run vs. whatever was in that time period previously. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ptp __ __ ____ ___ ___ ____ ptp@primenet.com /__)/__) / / / / /_ /\ / /_ / / / \ / / / / /__ / \/ /___ / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------