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1998-02-17 00:00:00 - [CFV] The Outer Limits: "Stream of Conscious" - (GEOS <geos-cfv@BLOCK.net.au>)

The Outer Limits "Stream of Conscious" Broadcast on 16 Feb, 98 "In a world where neural implants allow everyone instant access to information, Ryan is considered a moron. Because of a brain injury he suffered as a child, he's unable to tap into the "Stream" - an electronic collection of all human knowledge - so he struggles in vain to keep up by reading books, a primitive and forgotten art. When a virus enters the Steam, Ryan must try to stop it." ------ This message has been automatically posted to this newsgroup because the The Outer Limits episode "Stream of Conscious" was broadcast yesterday in the United States. You must be a Registered GEOS Voter to participate in the survey. To register, please fill out the New Voter Registration form at: <http://www.swd.net.au/geos/survey/registration.html> Further details are available at the GEOS Survey Central: <http://www.swd.net.au/geos/survey/index.html> IF YOU ARE A REGISTERED GEOS VOTER ---------------------------------- To be accepted by the Email Daemon, replies MUST be addressed to <geos-cfv@swd.net.au> and have the word "CFV" in the SUBJECT line. The email address in the header contains a Spam-Blocker. Replace the BLOCK with swd before sending. Edit the fields below using the information you supplied to GEOS. As an example, your reply could look something like this: Bloggs:Fred:1234:tol:048:7.1. === Please Delete Down to Here in Your Reply === YourLastname:YourFirstname:YourPIN:tol:048:YourScore.