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1999-08-15 00:00:00 - reality perception - (keats@thorny.cscnt.com)

my favorite episode of OL was when the man ascended into light out in the wilderness with the female news reporter watching... richard "Researchers have long known that brain conditions affect reality perception. If this is truly the case, then it would stand to reason that if our brains were trained to interact differently with consciousness and reality, we might finally be able to discover some concrete truths about extraterrestrial contact. As long as we continue to view reality through our current use of brain power, these answers may elude us forever." "...we've concluded that the ET contact phenomenon is actually serving to stimulate a metamorphosis of consciousness within humans. It has become clear that as our brains develop, so does our ability to perceive new levels of reality. Until now it is as if we have been underwater. We have been trying to see above the surface of the water from under the water itself. A tremendous amount of distortion has colored our perceptions of what exists above the surface. However, if we can learn to adjust our perceptual abilities enough to stick our heads out of the water, a whole new reality will be viewed." - Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest Posted at: Thorny's BBS, Lawrence, Kansas USA telnet://thorny.cscnt.com --- What do I do when I can't afford the lawyer anymore?