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2000-05-20 00:00:00 - Tribunal, please please please ! - (David Mitz <dmitz@cybercable.fr>)

Hi all, Well, hello from an Outer Limits fan in Paris, France, where OL is currently in its 4th season. Well, S4 was over last week, so we'll have to wait maybe six months until we can see the season 5. I've seen you all discuss about an episode, Tribunal. I've read a brief synopsis about it, and some words of Sam Egan who said how personnal this story was to him. I can't wait to see this episode ! So, would anyone make a tape for me and send it overseas ? Please ! Please !! Of course I'd pay the blank tape and shipping costs. Plus, it would be the occasion for me to watch an episode in english : all episodes are dubbed in french, and although the dubbing is pretty good, I'd love to hear the "true" control voice once or twice !! Thanks in advance, - David. -- ""Il n'y a rien de meilleur que de ne se faire jamais trop entendre." Baltasar Graci�n.