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1997-11-29 00:00:00 - ON OUTER LIMITS: 11/30 - 12/7 - (Peter Petrisko <ptp@primenet.com>)

THE OUTER LIMITS, on Showtime cable, every Sunday evening. Sun. (11/30) @ 8:30pm "White Light Fever" Kinda like 'Cat Scratch Fever', but much worse. (Thats my obligatory Ted Nugent reference for this year, almost didn't make it, huh?) Anyway, in this ep. an aging billionaire funds life-extension research, which becomes pretty ironic when his own ticker explodes. He's given an experi- mental artificial heart, but its the Outer Limits so we know how well thats gonna work out. @ 9:00pm "Living Hell" A man moves in with his in-laws. Just kidding. A drifter is shot, but is saved by an experimental computer chip which links him to the mind of a serial killer. Whaa?? What kinda chip is THAT? Musta been funded by the guy with the bad ticker in 'White Light Fever' or sumthin. THE OUTER LIMITS, syndicated, check local listings for day & time. For week of December 1 thru 7 ... "Bodies of Evidence" Hold on, I've covered this ep. at least once in syn. and at least twice on Showtime already. How many times is it gonna be repeated?? I feel like I'M on The Outer Limits: Usenet user is forced to watch "BofE" ep, about space station captain who is accused of killing his crew but says crew duped into suicide by alien, OVER AND OVER. Stars Peter Petrisko as the Usenet user, and Mario Van Peebles as the Captain on "BoE"ep. __________________________________________________________________________