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2000-04-23 00:00:00 - OL's special effects - (David Mitz <dmitz@cybercable.fr>)

Hi everyone, Well, I live in Paris, France, and am a _huge_ fan of the Outer Limits, so... hi ! The fact is, getting info about the show is real hard here, so that's why I prefer asking questions directly here. In France, season 4 episodes are currently running for the first time. First, I would like to know if there's going to be more than six seasons of OL. I watch as many episodes as I can, but still, I don't know if 132 episodes will be enough. I want more !! ... even if they only aired 70 of them yet in France. Also, I was wondering which company currently creates OL's make-up effects. I know for sure Steve Johnson's wonderful XFX made the make-up for S2 and S3, but what about the next ones ? In France they always cut the end titles, so it's hard to know. The make-up for episodes like 'The Hunt" or "Identity Crisis" didn't look like XFX's work. So did this studio stop creating special effects after two years ? But then, I've noticed Steve Johnson himself has directed a S4 episode (The Balance Of Nature). This episode will air in Paris for the first time within two weeks. I thinks them make-up effects are wonderful for a tv show. XFX creates superior make-up and especially 'alien design', that's I why I hope they go on working on Outer Limits ! Thanks, - David. -- "Along with futures we dare not imagine, come choices we dare not make." The Outer Limits.