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This is a multi-part message in MIME format. --------------67A798F52EC Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; name="untitled.txt" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition: inline; filename="untitled.txt" Dear Cyber Surfers I am soory about the spamming as some people call it but I would like to let everyone one know about my new webpage. And for the people who have visited it before it now has been updated and just about all the errors have been taken care of. I have some ole videos I am looking to get rid off that soem poeple out there would really love to have like tose old cartoons like Battle of the Planets, Dick Dasturldy and Mutley, Howard Sterns old channel 9 show and some old soap operas like THE EDGE OF NIGHT, Days of our lives , and General Hospital. I have alot of tapes. Well over 300 hundred in my collection that I have to get rid off so why dont you come and check out my webpage. And why not email me too with questions and availability of products. Everyone who email me regarding this message and checks out my webpage, I will send them the a wav file of the greateset prank tape that beats the JERKY BOYS by a mile and information on how you could add this tape to your collection.. Thanks everybody.. John --------------67A798F52EC Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii; name="yourpage.html" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Disposition: inline; filename="yourpage.html" Content-Base: "http://home.earthlink.net/~john5321/yo urpage.html" <BASE HREF="http://home.earthlink.net/~john5321/yourpage.html"> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>JOHN' S SUPER COOL VIDEO AND MAGAZINE COLLECTION WEB PAGE</TITLE> <META NAME="GENERATOR" CONTENT="Mozilla/3.01Gold (Win95; I) [Netscape]"> </HEAD> <BODY TEXT="#000000" BGCOLOR="#CCCCCC" LINK="#0000CC" VLINK="#660066" ALINK="#660066"> <H1 ALIGN=CENTER>JOHN' S SUPER COOL VIDEO AND MAGAZINE WEB PAGE AND OTHER STUFF</H1> <CENTER><P><IMG SRC="rule02.GIF" HEIGHT=8 WIDTH=480></P></CENTER> <P>Dear Web Sufers </P> <P><BR> Over MANY years I&nbsp;have collected so many things like magazines, videos and other items.. Well</P> <P>nowI have so much stuff, I dont know what to do with it all. If you see anyting on my sight that</P> <P>interests you, please dont hesistate to email me about you see.. Who knows, maybe I have a </P> <P>video you are looking, or a ceertain magaizne you just have to have.. I will be updating the</P> <P>list below to tell you exactly what I have.. So if you see anything you like please dont hesisate to</P> <P>email me..This is my first crack at a website, so It may not look to good or work the way I&nbsp;want it</P> <P>to. This web page was uploaded on Thursday March 6, 1997... Thanks again for visiting my </P> <P>website...</P> <P><FONT COLOR="#FF0000">You are vistor number</FONT><img src="http://home.earthlink.net/cgi-bin/counter.pl?inverse+zero"></P> <UL> <P><IMG SRC="rule02.GIF" HEIGHT=8 WIDTH=480></P> </UL> <P><A NAME="Videos.html"></A><B><I><TT><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+2><A HREF="Videos.html">Videos</A></FONT></FONT></TT></I></B><A HREF="Videos.html"><IMG SRC="bullet5.gif" HEIGHT=11 WIDTH=15></A></P> <P><A NAME="Magazines.html"></A><FONT SIZE=+1><A HREF="Magazines.html">Magazines</A> </FONT><IMG SRC="bullet5.gif" HEIGHT=11 WIDTH=15></P> <P><A NAME="OtherStuff"></A><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+1><A HREF="OtherStuff.html">Other Stuff</A> </FONT></FONT><IMG SRC="bullet5.gif" HEIGHT=11 WIDTH=15><BR> </P> <P><A NAME="TubeBar.html"></A><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+1><A HREF="TubeBar.html">Tube Bar tape and Red The Bartender</A></FONT></FONT><A HREF="tubeBar.html"><IMG SRC="bullet5.gif" HEIGHT=11 WIDTH=15></A></P> <DL> <DL> <DL> <DD><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+1>This page was updated on March 23, 1997</FONT></FONT></DD> </DL> </DL> </DL> <P>.<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">I want to personally thank everyone or try to anway for visiting my web page. I have gotten alot of hits but not many emails concerning my collection. Come on guys, I know I have some things that people would die for so come on and get those emails rolling in... My wav files will take a couple<BR> of minutes to load on your system depending on the speed of your connection so dont give up on them.</FONT></P> <P><I><A HREF="mailto:John5321@earthlink.net"><FONT SIZE=+1>If you have any questions about my webpage or you see anything you like plase dont hesiatate to email me atJohn5321@earthlink.ne</FONT>t</A></I> ...........<FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+1>Thanks</FONT></FONT></P> <UL> <H1><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+1>This page was created with Netscape Navigator Gold and is best viewed</FONT></FONT></H1> </UL> <UL> <UL> <H1><FONT COLOR="#0000FF"><FONT SIZE=+1>with Netscape Navigator. Download Netscape Now!!</FONT></FONT></H1> </UL> </UL> <CENTER><P><A HREF="http://home.netscape.com/comprod/mirror/index.html"><IMG SRC="netscape.gif" BORDER=1 HEIGHT=31 WIDTH=88></A></P></CENTER> <CENTER><P><B>This page created with Netscape Navigator Gold</B> </P></CENTER> </BODY> </HTML> --------------67A798F52EC--