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1996-05-10 00:00:00 - Money on different worlds - was what to they live on - (Philip Chien <kc4yer@amsat.org>)

Geoffrey Scott wrote: >> I would imagine that currency is similiar enough from one world to another >> another as to be usable. Also, if they land in a world where they The White Crow, whytcrow@io.com writes: >Greets all. For my first alt.tv.sliders post, I'd like to comment on the money thing. Welcome to Sliders and please ignore anybody who complains about mispelled words, or incorrect forms of grammar. Those complaints add nothing to the discussion about the series. Unless of course the Sliders land on a world filled with elementary school English teachers. >One thing to note that, especially in the case of small bills, >(disclaimer: in American society, anyways) most cashiers do not >scrutinize currency. Banks are a little more careful, but as long as the >number in the corner is correct and the color is right, then many little >discrepencies most likely won't be noticed. Quite true - many forgers have gotten away by just printing very small bills. it's not what you do, as long as you aren't greedy. ;-) The one time spending money really really bugged me was on the woman dominated world where they purchased a pretzel from a street vendor. I *HIGHLY* doubt that a dead MALE president would be on the bills of that world! Philip Chien, Earth News - space writer and consultant PCHIEN@IDS.NET __ __^__ __________ | \ +---/ \---+ (========= |____\___________ +---\_____/---+ // >____)| | \__ \ \______//___ >/ |________| \ [ _____\ >|____________________\ \_______/ Roger, go at throttle up CHR$(32) the final frontier