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1995-03-30 04:12:24+00:00 - Patient Zero - (sglitz@primenet.com)

Did tonight's episode remind anyone of a Republican/Orwell Health Care Plan (not that the Democrats were better)?? Screw the poor, save the rich. Or am I just being too cynical... Nah...:) -- John T. Wheeler Phoenix,Arizona The New Home of a Greed-Obsessed Major League Baseball Team... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evil Guest Immortal: "I have you now, MacLeod." <clang, clang> Duncan McCloud: "I admit it. You're better than I am." <clang, clang> EGI: "Then why are you smiling?" <clang, clang> McCloud: "Because I know something you don't know..." <clang, clang> "..._I_ am the star of this show." <clang, slash, whap!, thud, cool fx> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------