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1996-08-28 00:00:00 - Attention Conrad Bennish Jr. Fans! - (dgchi@aol.com)

Attention Conrad Bennish, Jr. Fans! The quite brilliant but eternally zoned one will be making prominent appearances in comic book form, both in Sliders: The Darkest Hour #3, as well as this fall's 40 page Sliders' special, Sliders: Deadly Secrets (which also features ominous foreshadowings of revelations Arturo will be making on the tv series!) Sliders comics - including the original 2 part Sliders, Sliders: Ultimatum, Sliders: The Darkest Hour, Sliders Special: Narcotica (written by Jerry O'Connell) and Sliders: The Lost Episode (written by Jeof Vita) - can be found at your local comic book store (actually, some of 'em are hard to get; put the pressure on your store owner to order MORE! <G>) If you don't know where your local comic store is, check the phone book under "Books-New & Used". Best, D.G. Chichester Sliders comic writer -- D.G. Chichester capitalist fiction interactive writing & design ---------------------------- dgchi@aol.com