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1997-01-21 00:00:00 - poor Palmer (was "terrorized by nuts on this newsgroup") - (jboe@mailhost.efn.org)

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997 22:21:46, "Steven S. Palmer" <stevens@pacbell.net> once felt again sorry for himself and shared the experience with the rest of us: => => > You STILL haven't learned. Sit down and listen, boy. => > => > Binaries do not go in non-binary newsgroups. Period. You are => > costing lots of people money and/or time by doing that. This has => > absolutely nothing to do with what the binary actually *is* - if => > it's a binary, it belongs in an alt.binaries.* newsgroup. => > => > Any questions? => > => > -- => > Ed Murphy <ford@bayside.net> Time is an illusion; lunchtime, => > www.bayside.net/users/ford/ doubly so. -Ford Prefect => => => Once again I am getting terrorized by nuts here. I told this => group where they can get free Sliders related software and I get => letters sent to me like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! => Are all the people here crazy??? => => Steven S. Palmer Hmm, could be. Might be that folks just got fed up with all your posts asking for people to kick Gharlane off the group. Actually, in Palmer's defense *ACK* >Ptui!< (Leaves a very bad taste in my mouth having to do this.), if the above message is indeed not a subtle attempt at humor, he is being harrassed unduly. You say "letters", Palmer? The plural form? How many? Or is this just another case of a bonk on the head by an acorn being misconstrued for the sky falling?? James ===== I AM the terrible Grendel Come to devour your sons and daughters. Face me not; you will not survive, For I drink from darkened waters.