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1997-09-11 00:00:00 - Sliders in the UK - (philipabel@aol.com)

Good news for UK viewers of Sliders ... I was surprised to discover that the last season of Sliders (series 3) was shown first in the UK on Sky 2 a few weeks ahead of it being shown on FOX in the US, which is most unusual. We in the UK are used to getting American shows well behind America, but as Sliders was funded by Rupert Murdoch (owner of both Sky and FOX) and there was a mid-season delay in the US, the UK was actually first to see the latter half of series 3. Now there is more good news. Sliders can now be seen 3 times a week. Series 1 is being repeated on BBC2 on Wednesdays & Thursdays at 6:45pm, and series 3 is being repeated on Sky 1 on Mondays at 10pm. No announcement has been made as to which channel will show season 4. Despite the controversy in the US about the Sci-Fi channel picking up season 4, there is unlikely to be much controversy in the UK. The Sci-Fi channel and Sky are both part of the same Sky TV package, so all satellite and cable viewers will be able to pick it up, regardless of which channel it is on. I just wish Universal (the distributors) would start releasing it on video - it is so infuriating when you miss an episode and there's no other way of seeing it, other than waiting ages for the next re-run. Keep sliding... Philip