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1996-11-27 00:00:00 - WRONG, was Re: Sliders short story (pt1) - (gharlane@ccshp1.ccs.csus.edu)

In <01bbdc21$e568c220$1b2cb7cc@default> "Jimmy Catlett" <h3w8u7rm@coastalnet.com> writes: > > Remember this is just a hobby I am not looking for profit or any financial > compensation.Therefor I am not breaking any copyright laws. > Right, Mister Brain-Damage. Want to tell us which state you took your Bar Exam in, and what score you got on the Copyright Law and Intellectual Property specialization exams? Your *OPINION* on the matter is less than worthless; it is DANGEROUS, since some of the kids who read this topic might think you actually know what you're talking about. For future reference, please note the following points: (1) YOU are the sole copyright holder of any material you publish on the InterNet. A "News" posting constitutes publication. (2) You can NOT legally assign, devise, beget, bequeath, give, or otherwise contract out property rights to your published material without executing a WRITTEN contract, in multiple copy, signed by all parties concerned; a posted statement to the effect that you claim no rights, has *NO* legal validity. (3) Any story you set in the "SLIDERS" universe, using the names of characters in the "SLIDERS" show, and publish, constitutes willful and legally actionable theft, abuse, and use of copyright and trademarked material; overt publication of "fanfic" in a public forum often results in legal action against both the poster and his ISP. "Coastalnet.com" would no doubt be very happy to initiate suit for recovery of any punitive damages you cost them, and willing to settle for the deed to your parents' house to cover their own legal costs. (4) Aside from the very real hazard of steaming off the Fox/Universal Legal People, any story you publish constitutes a legal hazard for the folks who make the show; on the off chance that you stumble on something they're actually working on, they have the choice of paying you for the story rights, or writing off whatever time and work they have invested in it. A series in production can NOT afford to be tied up in court on a story-rights suit; even though it would be easy to prove no culpability on their part, ANY time they spend tied up in court is a dead loss... and cease-production injunctions pending the outcome of the court action can literally put a series out of business. (5) Since your posting demonstrates huge disdain for the rights and convenience of others, and a complete lack of understanding of the laws and procedures involved, it is hardly sensible to take any statement you make at face value; hence, your assurance that you're not in it to make a buck is, to use CIA-ese, "inoperative." No sensible production staff would proceed with a similar story, and just count on your good intent to prevent you from suing them. (6) Posting binary files to a text topic is a big no-no, extremely impolite. (7) If you're such a wuss that you just absolutely can't help yourself, and have to publish "fan fiction" set in someone else's universe, DON'T PUT IT IN A PUBLIC FORUM. There are mailing lists for that sort of thing, which do not constitute as much of a legal hazard for the show's production staff. Since a mailing list has to be subscribed to, there is enough of an accounting trail that the material can be at least circumstancially demonstrated to have not been posted where the production staff could see it. (8) If you put it on an archive site, don't publish the archive site location in the public topic; circulate archive site pointers IN THE MAILING LIST, to help preserve access isolation. > begin 600 SLIDERS.wps .....<many lines of .wps document, in binary form, deleted> > end >

1996-11-27 00:00:00 - Sliders short story (pt1) - (Jimmy Catlett <h3w8u7rm@coastalnet.com>)

Remember this is just a hobby I am not looking for profit or any financial compensation.Therefor I am not breaking any copyright laws. begin 600 SLIDERS.wps <uuencoded_portion_removed> 8```````````````````````````````` ` end