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1998-05-17 00:00:00 - The Second Wave - (th05324@nyssa.swt.edu)

We've approached this topic before, with answering to the the question, how would you equip an advance scouting force (as mentioned in 'Invasion': Wade's interrogation, "You are members of an advance scout? (paraphrased)" Okay, so how would you send out a second response force, given: a). you only have twelve spots (the size of the response craft) b). there is a twelve man squad ahead of you, 1 squad ldr, 2 fire teams, 1 medtech (who is trained to handle the immediate, expecting the arrival of a second wave). c). response time to the first wave is six hours, max. You have six hours to supply, meaning they have to be ready to go, a team of 12 specialists. They can be docterates, or less, in anything, but from the time the call goes out, you have six hours to be on target. A leader in the second wave can take command, if you like, but only if they are additionally trained, extensively trained, in military matters. What this comes down to is thinking ahead to what you perceive what could be encountered in an alien world. Everyone is assumed to be trained in basic weaponship, but the first wave (and the possible second leader) will certainly be soliders. Btw, each transport carries two crew. To use them would mean the loss of of a Hind type fighting platform after the force is dropped off. Response time of a 3rd wave? That depends on what Congress assigns. -Traci