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1997-04-12 00:00:00 - Not him - ("Franklin S. Werren" <fswerren@epix.net>)

Frank Weren did not write this spam! (Apparently somebody is using his name without my permission.) Please bear in mind, however, that everything said about Frank in the spam is true. :Although many may frown on this type of self acknowledgement, :I will have to give frank a hand. : :There are many fly-by-nighters. :There are also many quality local satellite guys out here :who just love what they do, and want to do their very best to :serve customers with great tv. :The locals will be there tomarrow when you need them. : :Unfortunately, the locals are often overlooked due to the salience of :these fly-by-nighters, large CEs, chain stores, net dealers, mail-order, :etc... :Some people have what it takes to do it themself. But since many don't, :the value of the solid local dealer is truly undervalued. : :Good for you frank and all those like you. :I hope your voice speaks as loudly to your local customers as :it does on the NG! :(off soapbox now) ::-) Scott Anguish wrote: -You should temper your words as to say that this company is ONE of the -best, There are lots of good satellite dealers in the USA and the rest -of the world (since you posted you message to every newsgroup)AND they -ARE NOTE FLY BY NIGHTS. Since I'm a satellite dealer and have been in -business 7 years and 99% of all of my customers like me and send their -friends to buy equipment from me. -MC -No ad from this reseller! >I've had troble with all the fly-by-nighters around here, and I found >that there is only one truly GREAT satellite guy! >For the Best Technician anywhere! >Check this guy out! >He is by far the best all-around tech you will come across! >Stay away from all the bums and fly-by-nighters! >Franklin Werren, DSS, DISH, TVRO, Cable Eng., 2 Way Radio, Cellular >Member SCTE, NABOR, ARRL >N2JYG, Extra Class >Frank's Radio >P.O. Box 990 >Sherman, NY 14781-0990 >(716) 753-3500 Voice >(716) 761-6460 Fax >fswerren@epix.net Scott Anguish <sanguish@digifix.com> wrote in article <5if395$859$1@news.digifix.com>... > Wow, Frank really has a high opinion of himself doesn't he! > > I'm not sure I'd deal with anyone who thinks people are this > stupid to not be able to connect the From: with the Franklin Werren in > the ad. > > Then again, he is referring to himself in the third person. -He probably watched way too much of Bob Dole's campaign. To anyone who -actually knows this guy: if he routinely refers to himself in the third -person, you may want to advise him to seek professional help. -Scott -smichels@magicnet.net