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1997-04-15 00:00:00 - Universal Studios launches new chat site(Sliders chats included) - (shannen@alpha.wcoil.com)

Universal Studios and ichat have teamed up to launch the first(so they say) chat site on the web dedicated totally to Hollywood. Basically--it's just another ad campaign for all things Universal. However, they will be holding Sliders chats. There were a few questions recently about where to go to chat about the show, so this is just another option. The Sliders chats will be held at the following times: Mondays @ 7PM PDT Room: Next Dimension Fridays @ 10PM PDT Room:Next Dimension They will also be holding moderated chats in a room called Backlot Cafe with various stars of Universal projects (however, no one too exciting this week, unless you're dying to talk to Tom Arnold). Right now, it appears to be all film stars chatting, but maybe eventually some of the Sliders cast will be asked to participate. You can find out how to register and get an ichat client at this URL: www.universalstudios.com. Shannen