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1997-04-20 00:00:00 - What's wrong w/ Sliders - (G.Edwards)

This third season started out with the strength of being a "full" season of 25 episodes. But then Arturo was written as dying of some incurable disease, and an evil slider (Logan) was introduced. And it started to become apparent that this series was developing serious identity problems. Just what the hell is it about. Are the writers ever going to bother "fleshing out" an alternative earth's politics anymore? Is the only way to identify earth prime going to be just a squeeky gate? Are the writers simply going to borrow bits of other movie plots, as they did with "Sole Survivors", "The Breeder", and "Last of Eden". I can name the movies they came from in order. "Omega Man", "The Hidden", and "The Time Machine". Not very original anymore, are they? And "Exodus" was just "Last Days" revisited and changed to exploit the recent Meteor mania of NASA and the media. After it we found that the gang had another new evil slider to content with. And since he can change his face, Fox doesn't need the same actor each time.