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1998-04-19 00:00:00 - ALL SKY ONE VIEWERS MUST READ - Season Four in the UK Mini FAQ. - (Mark Alan Evans <mark.evans@nospamdemon.co.uk>)

If you read my previous posting titled "Season Four in the UK - All Sky Viewers please Read" then this is the same posting. I have re-posted to try to reach those who never seem to read anything but will no doubt post messages on Monday claming ignorance about spoiler policy. If you live in the UK or Europe and get Sky One then this concerns you. Season Four of Sliders will commence on 20th April at 9pm, if you intend to use this group to discuss those episodes then you should read the information about spoiler warnings. Those of you who are now about to tell me where to get off for trying to tell you what to do, or are about to ignore this should think again. You will be spoiling the show for at least 90% of the group and we are vicious enough with minor violations of Netiquette, this will result in something much more deadly. This contains extracts taken from Shannen Bodell's alt.tv.sliders FAQ ver 1.0 which I have modified and added to so it is more appropriate to the UK Showing of Season Four. Even if you have read the FAQ you should still read this as I have modified the spoiler warning creating a standardised warning that should stop several potential problems. I see these things marked "Spoilers". What's that all about? Sliders is seen in many places all over the globe...and not everyone is on the same season. For example, season four will be seen in the UK before it is shown in the US. Therefore, it is important that you mark any posts containing sensitive information about episodes that many have not seen as spoilers. The most common way to do this is by placing the word spoilers in your title--however, do not phrase your title in such a way that it itself is a spoiler. For example: Wrong way: "Maggie's dead! Oh happy day!" Right way: "(Spoilers Season 4 UK)Thoughts on Maggie in last ep" Everybody discussing any of the Season Four episodes shown in the UK should put (Spoiler Season 4 UK) at the start of the header. There are several reasons for this. It will group together all the messages about Season four that contain spoilers ensuring that they are more easily spotted. Using this standard warning enables anybody who doesn't want to read them to create a filter that will automatically stop their newsreader displaying the message. When the Americans start watching Season 4 we will be able to sort our messages from their messages, avoiding any problems. Another common way to mark spoilers is through the use of spoiler space(although you should still put spoilers in the title). Spoiler space is simply a safeguard against someone accidentally clicking on your spoiler filled post, and seeing something they don't want to see. The space is usually preceded by a general comment reminding the reader that this post contains spoilers. Many newsreaders also eliminate any blank space in posting, which is why it is a good idea to fill that space(usually 25 lines) with something, like the words "spoilers ahead" . An example of a spoiler spaced post is shown here: Spoiler Ahead for the Season 4 episode Maggie's last slide. 5 4 3 2 1 S P O I L E R S A H E A D ! See--then you write your spoiler filled post down here, thus insuring that only those who want to read it will scroll down all that way." To summarise: (Spoilers Season 4 UK) should always be put at the start of the Subject line (Title). Spoiler space should be used for all Season Four posts. The Subject line should not contain any spoilers. If you see a message that includes spoilers then please warn the group. If you think this is all too inconvenient, then don't bother posting because if you post a spoiler without a warning you will be inconvenienced a lot more by us. Any Questions or Comments?