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1997-02-18 00:00:00 - the evil klown returns (was "Re: Kari Wuhrer...") - (jboe@mailhost.efn.org)

On 15 Feb 1997 23:59:10 GMT, krusty106@aol.com (Krusty106) made good his escape from "The Simpsons" and failed miserably in his attempt to wreak havoc with the following: => => Is Kari a new cast member I hope so, because she has big tits. Ah, the Krusty of old! The one who is either an obnoxious no-forehead twerp or who is doing a very job of pretending to be one. You had me worried there, Krust. You made that thoughtful post a while back and I thought you were starting to evolve. I guess it was just an aberrant rush of brains to the head. Remember to eat foods high in saturated fats, DON'T read any books without pictures, and avoid all conver- sations designed to stimulate any sort of thought. James ~~~~~ "I do not feel obliged to believe | Maybe not. But there that the same God who has endowed | seem to be a LOT of people us with sense, reason, and intel- | around who believe that lect intended for us to forego | exercising such qualities their use." -- Galileo Galilei | is unnecessary. Krusty106 | definitely falls into this | category. | -- me